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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Melania will stump for Trump

Hey Wisconsin. Coming to a town near you soon, Melania Trump.

From the Hill:
“She’s going to campaign. She’s never done this before,” Trump said at a rally in Racine, Wis., on Saturday. 
“So that will be exciting, Melania is coming up,” Trump added. 
Trump has often joked that his wife tells him to act “more presidential.” 
This does not make her fair game. She already was. People have been picking on first ladies since Abigail Adams. (No one messed with George Washington or his wife.)

She is beautiful, intelligent, speaks five languages, and will represent the nation well. Best of all, she won't put 20 friends on the White House payroll.


  1. Melania is awesomely strong woman who lets her man be himself while she supports him. Plus stunningly classy and beautiful. A true beauty.

  2. Hmm...Melania Trump or Bill Clinton. No contest. NOOO contest.

  3. Melania is definitely First Lady material. I wonder if she'll be coming to West By God! Virginia? - Elric

  4. She can drop on by Hedgesville any time she wants. I got some smoked salmon and Almond Joys and she looks like a cool chick. Almost Heaven, Mel...