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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Make America Great Again, but do this too

Caveman economics is about to end. The assumption that all free trade is good all the time is like living on a diet of nothing but ice cream. Reagan certainly did not play that. But renegotiating and enforcing the free trade alone will not be enough to restore America as the world's economic powerhouse. We need to do more.

1. Dump the federal minimum wage. The regulation of the compensation of private employment is dubious as a governmental power, and certainly not within the constitutional boundaries of the federal government. When it comes to international trade agreements our artificially high wages are a barrier to success. We also fail to train our young people to work by making it too expensive to hire them.

2. Eliminate corporate income taxes. This brings in less than 10 percent of the federal tax revenues and it gives companies an incentive to move their headquarters. To pay for this, eliminate about half the tax credits -- welfare administered by the IRS -- which now total about $1 trillion a year.

3. Balance the federal budget. We cannot be great when we stand on a mountain of $19 trillion in debt. Actual cuts must be made. By the way, doing that second item would reduce the deficit by about $200 billion a year. (Cut $300 billion in taxes and cut $500 billion in tax credits.) A 15 percent across-the-board cut could get the job done, followed by a freeze on spending increases until the National Debt is below $10 trillion again.

4. Pay only a fair share of the cost of running the UN, and dump NATO entirely. Let Europe defend Europe. NATO is a relic of the Cold War. Put it in a museum.

5. Build the Wall. Deport the illegal aliens. Dump H1B visas (except for medical doctors). Reduce immigration to 1985 levels. You know, back when the economy was booming.

6. Make all GS 16 and up position will-and-pleasure employees. Too much federal policy is written by unfirable bureaucrats who are accountable to no one.

7. Sell about half the federal land out West to the states and watch the West flourish. Not Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, but why does BLM control grazing land?

8. Open the Arctic to drilling. Sell gasoline and other oil products overseas.

9. Control the Internet.

How does this work? We make the nation more competitive by putting people back to work, ending federal subsidies of industry while rolling back taxes, balancing the budget, protecting the borders, opening the West, and owning technological growth.

Trump's campaign succeeds because they let The Donald be The Donald. We can succeed by letting America be America.


  1. You left out an important one: Rebuild our military. Our military is shrinking and our equipment is getting old, worn, and outdated. Beside the immediate increase in employment by enlisting soldiers to the ranks, there will be a large increase in employment in the defense industries. - Elric

  2. All of that constitutes real Conservatism, not the ideological idol worship of the Cruzzers.

  3. With regard to the debt, the real issue is not the size of the debt but its ratio to the GDP. Imagine someone making $50,000 per year and holding $50,000 in credit card debt; not a good situation. Now imagine that the worker could wave a magic wand and increase his/her income to $150,000; that debt becomes less of a problem. At $250,000 that $50,000 debt becomes even less of a problem still.

    Now wage-earners can't do that, but by getting govt out of the way, it is possible to geometrically increase our GDP.

    A higher GDP also makes it less necessary to borrow and even easier to begin to repay the $19 trillion we now owe. Win-Win-Win.

    1. The less we borrow, the harder it is for our debt holders, e.g., the Saudis or the Chinese, to blackmail the US when it comes to foreign policy. By running up huge budget deficits over the past 7 years despite huge increases in federal tax revenues, essentially doubling the national debt in that short time span, Barry O. has left us open to threats from our highly leveraged debt holders. This has left the US with much less maneuvering room in global affairs.

  4. News of the times for the middle class: Your jobs are going overseas

    IBM will be cutting about 20% of its US workforce. It now has more employees in India than in the US.

  5. Agree with most of it. But I think the Cold War is back, and NATO will be needed if Europe doesn't succumb to uncontrolled immigration first. And PS, I think the federal GS pay scale only goes up to GS-15; above that, it is SES, which theoretically fireable, but see

  6. Abolish medical licensing. All occupational licensing, for that matter.

  7. 5. What do you have against American doctors? If the public schools actually taught academics again, maybe more American kids could get through medical schools.