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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

How to tell outdoor temperatures from the inside

I finally found a use for those global warming hucksters and their dull-witted followers; they make good outdoor thermometers.

When they the weather today proves global climate change, I know it is hot outside.

When they say it is just weather, it is cold.

And it is plenty of weather out there this week.

From the Weather Channel:
Record cold temperatures for early April have swept into some Northeast and Great Lakes cities to begin this week. Subzero readings were even observed near the Canadian border in northern Michigan, northern New York and northern Maine Tuesday morning.
More record cold is possible on Wednesday morning in the Northeast. Then the cold will become more expansive late this week due to yet another southward dip in the jet stream which will allow more arctic air to push south from Canada.
Next week, it will be climate change.

Because that is how it works in spring. Weather-- not global warming -- threatens crops this spring.

It always does.

On Monday morning it was not quite 70 but I drove to Tudor's with the top down anyway because I was in a good mood after a radio appearance on "Rose Unplugged" in Pittsburgh.

Good thing I did because it rained that afternoon and the cold rolled in afterward.


  1. Climate change is the mantra of the watermelons - green on the outside and red on the inside. Their primary purpose is to redistribute money from rich countries to poor countries.

    This afternoon looks like a top downer. - Elric

  2. We know climate changes, and predictions of how and how soon are crap.

  3. Sometimes I envy people living in areas where April and May snows are newsworthy.

  4. Sometimes I envy people living in areas where April and May snows are newsworthy.