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Sunday, April 17, 2016

How Michelle Fields staged her "crime"

Never Trump runs the American media now, and when that happens, I turn to London for my news. I was amply rewarded today.

Never Trump has made serial liar Michelle Fields, 28, a martyr because of her false accusation that Corey Lewandowski -- Trump's campaign manager -- attacked her. She went on "Food Morning America" before she went to the cops with her far-fetched tale.

Now we know why.

From the Daily Mail:
One witness told police his eyes were fixed on Michelle Fields, the journalist who claimed Corey Lewandowski battered her – and her actions 'looked like a fraudulent slip-and-fall.'
Police in Jupiter, Florida released video of their interview with Michael Spellman on Thursday, along with a more formal statement that he wrote immediately afterward.
Spellman, the president of a glass technology company based in Jupiter, says on camera that Fields' reaction to Lewandowski separating her from Trump after a March 8 press conference was 'disproportionate' and 'bizarre.'
'At first I thought she was drunk,' he recalled.
State Attorney Dave Aronberg and his chief assistant Adrienne Ellis considered Spellman's statement along with those of other witnesses, ultimately finding that there was conflicting evidence that would kill their chances of convicting Lewandowski.
Slip-and-fall prosecution. That's new. Spellman's video exonerated Lewandowski, although none will admit it. More from the story:
'I had a straight shot at what was going on,' he said. 
'From my perspective, I was just looking at her rush him ... and then suddenly she makes a dramatic spin and turn that looked like a fraudulent slip-and-fall. I mean, it was just blatant.'
'It looked so, so – disproportionate, is the right word,' Spellman says on the video.
'It was bizarre. And I studied her after, because at first I thought she was drunk.'
Also weighing against Spellman's account is that he explains why he was watching Fields so closely.
'I was looking right at her ... I also noticed she had jeans on. You don't get into that club with jeans on,' he said. 'So, uh, she looked pretty good in them, by the way.
Recalling the moment he said Fields 'shoved her phone ... right at' Trump, Spellman said he was 'surprised that Secret Service let 'em do that – let her do that.'
'But then seconds later it just – she spun, and it was really animated and acting. 
His written statement, obtained by NBC News, said he saw Fields 'fall back in what appeared to be a disproportionate reaction and a fake action. I did not see from my view any touching. I truly believe her reaction was fraudulent.'
I get that the Conservative Commentariat hates Trump. I will go over the reasons later. He is no angel. Neither are they. But damn, why the hell is Ben Shapiro sticking by her like this?

She lied.

That is the history of the woman.

It will be interesting to see where she lands next.


  1. With any luck, on her butt again. With someone watching. On camera.

  2. Ken Kurson, chief editor of the New York Observer, who is seen on the video footage about five feet away, is quoted as saying he was looking at C.L. at the time of the incident and didn't see anything either.

  3. Reminds me of Steve Spurrier, punter and sometimes 2nd-string quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the 1970's -- always falling dramatically after the punt, always looking for the "roughing the kicker" penalty.

  4. The video from the overhead security camera in the linked article from the DM has been available on-line from nearly the very beginning, and every claim made in the DM article about MF's actions, which precipitated CL's intervention, has been obvious from the start. That so many "pundits" and working "journalists" failed to acknowledge the obvious speaks volumes about their trustworthiness and intelligence.

  5. Next up for fields: The View, MSNBC, an hour long soliloquy with Dan Rather, who will nod approvingly during it, oh - and an HBO dramumentary.

  6. She wanted that to be a story right from the beginning, when Ben Terris asked her if he could put the incident in his story, she replied "Yeah, go for it."

    That's the moment she lost control of the story. Whatever her intentions were, she can't now say that all she wanted was an apology. No, she wanted this to be a story that put her in the news and embarrassed Trump.

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  8. The dishonest press. Anxious to meet the deadline, they become the story, or they make it up, or both. Idiots with pens have no empathy towards the truth, or the people they destroy. I have no sympathy towards this unemployed presstitute. Let the shame stick to her like Monica's tar.

  9. I said it before and I'll say it again. If she had rushed Obama like that after a speech, she would have been in a Secret Service agent's headlock in two seconds. Then cuffed and dragged off for questioning.

  10. Someone needs to tell the press that Ms. Fields' fifteen minutes are up. Sheesh! - Elric