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Friday, April 15, 2016

Hillary Merkel Clinton

Bernie Sanders tried to knock Hillary down in the CNN debate last night, but events in Germany may do Clinton more damage.

That face. That round, chubby old face. Can you imagine four years of seeing that?

I am not talking about Hillary. No, she is a beauty queen. I am talking about Angela Merkel, the once beloved chancellor of Germany who is now kowtowing to the Muslims so much that  German citizens who dare protest thousands of gang rapes are hit with water cannons fired by her Stasi, I mean polizei. She just may arrest a German who dared satirize the president of Turkey.

A year ago, Politico reported breathlessly:
Angela Merkel will still be German chancellor when, and if, Hillary Clinton moves into the White House for the second time on January 20, 2017.  The two of them won’t have to size each other up. They know each other already, because they know themselves. America and Europe, with Merkel as uncrowned empress, would be led by sisters-in-spirit — a first in transatlantic history. If Clinton ran for office in Europe, she would win hands down — as an American version of Angela Merkel.
(Sings) Springtime for Merkel and Hillary. Winter for Repub Licans.

Bernie gave her heck in the debate last night. He is incapable of giving her hell. It is not that he is nice, but that he is incompetent. She is not socialist enough for his taste. He got one good shot at her. After she attacked banks, Sanders said: "Oh my goodness, they must have been really crushed by this. Was that before or after you received huge sums of money by giving speaking engagements?"

He's such an old commie that I expected him to sing: Come along and be a smarty, time to join the Stasi Party.

Hillary's twin does not register very high among the American electorate. What little we care to know is getting bad and will be worse by election day.


  1. I see the Germans are telling immigrants that they have to learn German and get a job or lose their welfare benefits. That's a good start and will probably weed out at least half of them. They didn't go there to assimilate. - Elric

  2. I watched a part of the debate on television. It was like watching an Ice Follies skit by Frick and Frack.

  3. Let's put your musical on at summer camp this year. I'll be Hitlery.

  4. I heard part of the debate and found that Hillary speaks with the voice of a thousand ex-wives.

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