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Friday, April 08, 2016

Has Never Trump cost Cruz a seat on the Supreme Court?

Not too long ago, conservatives wanted Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court. Now "key conservatives pushing Mike Lee for the Supreme Court," according to the Washington Post.

Why? Because Cruz is acting like a jerk. He has no chance of achieving the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination outright, but instead of graciously bowing out, Cruz is playing the fool to the neocons, who are throwing a temper tantrum over Trump. A second-ballot nomination elects a Democratic president.

Trump cannot trust Cruz because Cruz is not above gaming the system to flip Trump delegates and the like. Such lowdown tactics do not show the proper judicial temperament.

And so, Senator Mike Lee may get the Supreme Court call from Trump.

Lee is a graduate not of Yale or Harvard as the eight other justices are, but of Brigham Young, both for his bachelor's and law degrees. We need to break out of that Ivy League worldview.

From the Washington Post:
1. He has the right pedigree: Six years ago, fueled by tea party anger, he toppled Sen. Bob Bennett at a GOP state convention. His father, Rex Lee, was Ronald Reagan’s solicitor general. After graduating from Brigham Young University Law School, the senator clerked for Samuel A. Alito Jr. when he was on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit and then again after Alito's elevation to the Supreme Court. Lee was an assistant U.S. attorney in Salt Lake City and general counsel for then-Gov. Jon Huntsman before running for office himself.
2. He’s incredibly young: Lee is just 44. That means he could squeeze four or more decades out of a lifetime appointment.
3. He is dependably conservative. Grass-roots leaders are adamant that future GOP nominees have a long paper trail to avoid confirming stealth moderates. They still feel burned by David Souter, Sandra Day O'Connor and John Paul Stevens.
Heck, many Republican base voters feel betrayed by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. because of his support for upholding the Affordable Care Act. Dropping the conservative Bush appointee's name at a Republican campaign event is a surefire way to draw boos nowadays. Cruz often finds himself defensively explaining away his support for Roberts’s confirmation.
Cruz screwed the pooch with Trump.

Lee sounds like a winner.


  1. The Republican Establishment is jockeying for position after the election and playing musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic. - Elric

  2. I wouldn't trust Trump to suggest the next dog catcher. He gushed about his sister would make a great Supreme Court justice and his sister is so far left that I think she left the planet. She defends abortion rights pretty much to full term. Now I understand that it's his sister but sometimes it's better to say nothing at all and that is a card that Mr. Trump doesn't seem to have in his deck.

    1. His sister is a Federal judge, dear

    2. I read it as Sheryl understood that. And yes, his sister worries me a little too.

  3. "A second-ballot nomination elects a Democratic president."

    Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. I think anyone but Cruz or Trump makes it an establishment farce, but if its Cruz or Trump on 2nd ballot then the only reason either one can't get elected is because one camp's voters decide to take their ball and go home in the general election.

    And if you can't support either one over Hillary, then I don't know what to say. But I think that group - whatever they say today - is pretty small. A few DC insiders, sure, but they live in 2 states. They don't swing the general.

    A third-ballot nomination got us Abraham Lincoln, and it brought us some good presidents on both sides (Dem and Rep) as well as bad ones, winners and losers.

    I don't think the story of the general election is written by the number of ballots.

    "Cruz is not above gaming the system to flip Trump delegates and the like. Such lowdown tactics ... "

    What? This makes no sense. If no delegates ever switch votes on subsequent ballots, then no one gets the nomination. Its not "lowdown" to plan for that. Its playing to win in the rules. I don't like the rules, but they weren't secret, but there are weird rules that favor Trump as well as weird rules that benefit Cruz. Don't complain about one without the other, or your argument is no better than a partisan hack's. I can get that on MSNBC.

    Now, if they change the rules before the convention and manage to rig the election for someone else, then the GOP as a party will be burned down by its voters.

    But Trump is the master persuader, master negotiator, master deal maker. I would think this is an opportunity for him to thrive - he should be able to make a deal for Kasich's delegates and reach 1237 on that if he can't win enough.

    To me, the complaint is silly. If Trump's organization didn't show foresight after 100s of articles were written about how Obama out organized Hillary in 2008 nomination process, then they just aren't that good.

    First rule of business, hire good people.

    "... do not show the proper judicial temperament."

    I would expect a judge to be judicial behind the bench, but if I am playing pick-up basketball, I hope he is trying to win and make his shots, and decide that he would rather be the referee.

    But I would bet real money that Trump or Cruz win this, and that no establishment miracle nomination ever happens.

    1. A second ballot will get us Ryan/Rubio.

      The Whigs have seen how the Faux Conservative operates and they know they can't trust him.

      He's doublecrossed his blind followers and, if the sexual allegations are true (and I'll bet McConnell and Ryan know for sure), he's doublecrossed his wife and they figure he would doublrecross them if they gave him the nod.

      I'm guessing Daddy Cruz is grabbing a lot of those delegates so he can make a deal for a SCOTUS slot or other cushy job for which he's anointed.

    2. So Lincoln was a third ballot nomination. Then 600,000 soldiers and half as many civilians bite the dust. A real uniter, there. Yeah, let's duplicate that.

  4. I've been thinking Cruz and Roe were going to outsmart themselves.

    The New York values thing (yes, it really is an anti-Semitic slur) has come back to bite them and the fact Rubio has held his delegates and donors, rather than hand them to Cruz, has, as well.

  5. I seriously think the only way Trump gets elected is if he makes Cruz his VP. There's so much bad blood right now that if some serious kissing and making up isn't done I will absolutely guarantee a President Hillary.