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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Five people who won't be Trump's VP pick

The headline read in the Washington Post: "The 5 people most likely to be Donald Trump’s vice president."

The byline read: Chris Cillizza.

That is when I realized these people have no chance in hell of getting that nomination because Cillizza has so far seems to have gotten everything wrong this campaign, at least on the Republican side.

The names of the doomed five:

Marco Rubio ("Rubio could help Trump with outreach to establishment Republicans and in Florida. As a Cuban American, he also might be able to blunt some of Trump's sharpest edges on immigration and avoid an electoral disaster in the Hispanic community.")

John Kasich ("Kasich would represent an olive branch -- of sorts -- from Trump to the establishment and might carry the sort of résumé -- member of Congress, Midwestern governor - that would appeal to Trump. And Kasich, who is in the middle of his second term, might find the chance at a vice-presidential nomination -- even if it meant sharing a ticket with Trump -- impossible to resist.")

Joni Ernst ("Ernst has proven she is a gifted communicator and someone who might help sell Trump to the Midwestern voter he badly needs if he wants to be competitive with Clinton.")

Rick Scott (" Scott has been consistently supportive of Trump for months now, endorsing him as soon as the real estate billionaire won the Sunshine State in early March. Scott's profile is also likely appealing to Trump -- a wealthy businessman who ran and beat the Republican establishment to get elected governor. Plus, he's from a big swing state.")

Chris Christie ("No one has risked more with his support for Trump than Christie, who has been roundly mocked and dismissed by the GOP establishment for the decision. Personality-wise, Christie and Trump seem to be an obvious match. And Trump has said before that he would want a politician as his running mate. From a geographic/ideological standpoint, Christie doesn't add a ton to the Trump ticket. But who knows if Trump even cares?")

No one in the Trump campaign has talked to Cillizza. He is spitballing. And he is doing so from the traditional, establishment manner of thinking, One of these five may be the nominee but not for any of the reasons Cillizza cited.

Trump is more likely to pull a Nixon. The running mate will not be as big as Trump, and will be in fact as small as possible. Think of the American most like Spiro T. Agnew. There is your running mate.


  1. This is a decision his wife may influence. She seems to be a good judge of character and has his interests at heart. Picking someone capable of being president never enters the mind of the nominee any way.

  2. The analogy to Spiro T. Agnew is not very good considering his history as a crook.

  3. Can I trust what's printed in the WaPo? I don't think so.

    Marco: Do Mexicans and those south of Mexico accept Cubans as Latinos? I'm thinking not, Cubans being refugees from communism.

    I can't think of anyone like Spiro. Don't even like to think about it. BUT, Scott Walker could work.

    1. Mexicans and Cubans have just about nothing in common. That La Raza stuff is for the useful idiots.

    2. IIRC, Chicanos, Puerto Ricanos, and Cubanos live in different cultural and political spheres. Pretty much mutually exclusive of one another. (And historically, each group doesn't like the others very much.)

  4. Of those on that list, Rubio is the most likely.

    I don't think Trump will go for someone "small". I still think Cruz is the most likely VP candidate.

  5. The headline would better read "Possible VP picks had Jeb Bush been the candidate." This is WaPo dreaming that Trump's VP will your garden issue, lightweight RINO that bows down to the mainstream media. I don't know much about Scott but the rest strike me as "light in their loafers" (appreciating Christine's considerable mass and Kasich's competitive eating talent).

    If Trump pulls this off there is going to be a new sheriff in town and the old guard and old media hopefully will be long gone.

    A few thoughts on VP and some others...

    VP -- Col Allen West
    Justice -- Jeff Sessions
    HHS -- Carol Swain

    Find places for Steve King (R-IA) and Sheriff David Clarke. Check out NumbersUSA and see who grades high on immigration law enforcement and numbers reduction (this writer's main issues).

  6. Farm Boy,

    Allen west was my first thought for VP too. Christie as attorney general. Palin for EPA just to see heads explode.

  7. Rubio is anathema to conservatives and done politically. Ditto Kasich and Christie.

    I can see Christie as AG (or head of Civil Rights, ryc.), Kasich as SecLab.

    He doesn't need Scott and Ernst needs more time in grade.

    My guess would be Sessions (if he isn't SecDef) or Lee. Good Conservative and liked on the Hill.

    I think Trump will go bold, not safe.

  8. PS Palin will head the RNC. She was born for it.

  9. When staffing the Supreme Court, Cabinet, and other major positions in the government, don't go poaching the Senate willy-nilly. Our majority there is still slight. Appointing folks resulting in our minority status wouldn't be a good idea.

  10. I think it will be someone highly respected, but overlooked by everyone.

    1. A perfect description of Mike Pence - teapartydoc wins again - posted 12/1/2016

  11. I didn't know I was in contention!
    I am Spiro!

  12. Appointing folks resulting in our minority status wouldn't be a good idea.

  13. Walker is the best choice politically, unitywise, and electorally. Maybe he'd learn from Trump how to run for and be Pres. Sessions is the best Beltway choice, but then you've got two old guys on the ticket. Scott Brown is appealing and congressionally experienced, and a smart, warm, youngish, charismstic, articulate populist with a common touch and a working class history. I wish there were a female prospect for VP, but they're either elitists (Haley), liberal (Condi), damaged (Sarah), old (Brewer), hostile (Martinez), or dull (the Midwesterners).