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Sunday, April 03, 2016

"Fear-mongering" becomes a "right" in just 6 months

Liberals swore upon down in November that a proposed Houston ordinance had nothing to do with allowing men to go into the girls bathroom.

After voters rejected the proposal, Democratic Mayor Annise Parker told the Washington Post: “This was a campaign of fear-mongering and deliberate lies.”

Now, six months later, liberals say men have a right to use the girls bathroom.

From WTVD:
Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin has joined government officials from other states in banning nearly all official travel to North Carolina in protest of a new state law preventing local governments from expanding protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.
Under the law signed by North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory last week, cities and counties can't pass measures protecting people based on sexual orientation and gender identity when they use public accommodations. The law was passed in reaction to a Charlotte ordinance that allowed transgender people to use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity.
Corporations are getting involved.

It is OK to the communist dictatorship of Cuba, but the free state of North Carolina is protecting girls from sexual predators in drag.

Who mongers fear now?


  1. Just waiting for the first rape and lawsuit to happen.

  2. Wait a minute. You're a pervert if you secretly install a camera in a ladies' room, but there's nothing wrong with putting on dress and going to watch personally?

  3. How 'bout this: One bathroom for innies. One bathroom for outies. If a person demonstrably has both (genetic hermaphrodite) or neither (ouch) they can use either.

    But remember, the true purpose of all this "civil righting" is to create victims so the Leftists can demand more power to oppress the groups they hate.

  4. The same people who object to this state bill that overrules local statutes have no problem with the federal government trampling on state sovereignty when it suits their purpose, just two examples being the SCOTUS decisions that legalized abortion on demand and same-sex marriage.

  5. Salami tactics--take a little piece now, take a little piece later, and repeat, and repeat, and...

  6. As you say, Don, lefties LIE.

  7. This may be a "bridge too far" for the loony left. I can foresee a lot of very angry mothers when their daughters have to share bathrooms with perves. Of course the inevitable molestations and rapes will be local news only, since reporting them nationwide hurts the agenda.

  8. Sounds like the trail lawyers association is looking for some extra income. I guess these new Mercedes Benz ambulances are just too fast for them. - Elric