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Friday, April 15, 2016

Drudge saves Republicans

Last week, Cruz said Wisconsin was the turning point of the election.

This week, Matt Drudge said uh-uh. It is Colorado. Then Drudge set to make it so. And after a few days of Drudge linking story after story pummeling Republican officials for doing an end-run around the voters, wiser heads prevailed. Enter the peacemakers.

Drudge used the best disinfectant on Earth: sunshine. He shined the spotlight on the cockroaches in Colorado. This is what a free press is supposed to do. The big donors can withstand a Trump loss in November, but they cannot survive an institutional suicide by the Republican Party.

The silly season is over, thanks to Drudge. People are coming to their senses.

The grownups want to quit bleeding money. Between the Jeb campaign, the Rubio campaign, and the Cruz campaign, the big donors have burned $200 million to stop Trump. Politico reported Rove capitulated. Megyn Kelly went to Trump Tower to make peace.

I have seen ABC campaigns before. They get their name from the Anybody But Carter campaign in 1976 and the Anybody But Clinton campaign in 1992. Now it is Never Trump. Such campaigns always fail. Their very existence dooms them. They are a sign that the candidate targeted has made the election a referendum on him. At that point, he has won. By the way, both Carter and Clinton went on to win the presidency.

Trump won the race on June 16, 2015, when he announced he was running in a 45-minute speech that riveted the attention of Rush Limbaugh. Trump has owned the race ever since. He set a record in earned media, doing just about any cable news show there is. He is entertaining, powerful and outrageous -- and the people he outraged (Krauthammer, Kristol and Will) deserved to be outraged. It is not that they are old and set in their ways and repulsed by any new idea, it is that they are wrong. Consistently. Frequently. Spectacularly.

Snow White had seven dwarfs.

Trump had 16.

They were 14 boring white men, one boring black man, and one boring woman. They fought over Republican voters.

Trump brought his own voters in. Republicans will need them in November because the party is too small in presidential elections. McCain proved that, as did Romney.

Enter the powers that be -- the money men -- the Kingmakers, who are stepping up and saying enough. They cannot be Drudged every day for the next six months and hope to survive as a party.

From Will Rahn at CBS:
Is it me, or does the argument that the Republican nomination can be taken from Donald Trump at a contested convention make almost no sense?
It's not that it would be unfeasible for Ted Cruz or some other candidate to win a majority of delegates after the first ballot is cast at the convention. If anything, it seems more and more likely that Cruz, given his shrewdness at delegate selection, would be able to pull this off as early as the second ballot.
However, if Trump arrives in Cleveland having won the most votes, the most contests, and the most delegates -- all of which is very likely -- depriving him of the nomination would be an unprecedented move in the modern political era. And doing so would likely end in disaster not only for the GOP as a whole but its anti-Trump wing in particular.
I eschew polls but for those who still believe in them, the new Fox News poll shows Trump up by 18 and the new CBS poll shows Trump up by 13. Trump has led the Real Clear Average nationally for all but three days over the last nine months.


Blogger Don Frederick listed the reasons:
Many Americans, and especially Trump supporters, have had it with:
Anyone named Bush
Anyone named Clinton
Anyone who’s held political office
Political correctness
Illegal immigration
Massive unemployment
Phony “official” unemployment and inflation figures
Welfare waste and fraud
People faking disabilities to go on the dole
VA waiting lists
TSA airport groping
The Federal Reserve’s money-printing schemes
Wall Street crooks like Jon Corzine
Michelle Obama’s vacations
Michelle Obama’s food police
Barack Obama’s golf
Barack Obama’s arrogant and condescending lectures
Barack Obama’s criticism/hatred of America
Valerie Jarrett
“Holiday trees”
Hollywood hypocrites
Global warming nonsense
Cop killers
Gun confiscation threats
Stagnant wages
Chevy Volts
Clock boy
Pajama boy
Mattress girl
Boys in girls’ bathrooms
Whiny, spoiled college students who can’t even place the Civil War in the correct century. 
…and that’s just the short list.
Except for the first item (the Bush family is decent, but yes, I have had enough Presidents Bush), I agree.

All the endorsements, all the money, and all the political organizing could not match what Donald Trump did.

He told the truth.

Republicans are coming home. The party will look different, but it will succeed. He is not Reagan. But I said this a while back on Twitter, forget Reagan. Thirty years from now, we will be looking for another Trump.


  1. Wow!

    Killer post., but, when Drudge took up the gage, it was obvious the Cruz crowd couldn't suppress it.

    The world reads Drudge and, with more purloined delegate stories and more voterless elections, the light of truth will be unbearable and unanswerable.

  2. Amen, brother! But I fear you are preaching to the choir. I don't often head to the Drudge Report because it reminds me of tabloids, but I will give them credit where credit is due. Michelle Malkin is right, "Sunlight is the best disinfectant." - Elric

  3. Thank you for this terrific post. You nailed it, and now that Rove is meeting with Trump, looks like the GOPe is learning a lesson. Go, Trump, win....

  4. Great Post! Your insight into the primary circus has been outstanding. Well done.

  5. Don Frederick lists answers the the question, Where did we go wrong?

  6. The Poca D is on fire!!! Look at those flames trailing his sentences. The best political writer in America right now. God bless you Big D...

  7. Great post Don. You are on effing fire lately. BTW, congrats to the guy at CBS News for noticing what has been obvious to me - just a guy sitting in his basement, right now, as I type this - for months. A party trying to wrest a nomination from the popular vote winner is an IDIOTIC thing to do. Never mind that it goes against everything our country is built on: consent of the governed, one man one vote, etc. Purely as a party-focused strategy, it's unbelievably stupid to send a message to party members that you are not listening, do not care what they want and will use power politics to get what you want instead. This is EXACTLY what conservatives are always criticizing Dems for! Hello?! I literally had no idea, before, how insolent and childish a lot of these political types really are.

  8. I saw your name and winced and then proceeded to thoroughly enjoy your post. Way to be, Jeffrey.

  9. The establishments of both political parties are trying to strip the nomination away from their most popular candidate. The Republicans do themselves no favor in November by following in the footsteps of the Democrats. The Democrats have had vast experience in stealing past elections and have refined the various techniques needed to do so. And when the Democrats are caught, they're not even embarrassed by it. Republican efforts to emulate the Democrats will fail because they are not bright enough, audacious enough, or shameless enough to pull it off.

  10. I am a Trump supporter but I have no doubt that the fix is in for Hillary. Diebold told me.

  11. I'd add 'lawyers' to the American's are tired of list. Otherwise bravo.

  12. ..flummoxed at how this column has shaken me to the veey core!


    The War Planner

  13. The Bush family is descent? Look up Bush kissing Saudi King Abdullah.

    The Saudis act like they own us. Maybe they do.