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Friday, April 29, 2016

Don't tell me Trump is not a conservative

I voted today in the May 10 West Virginia Primary. Finally got to vote for Donna Boley. She has served in the West Virginia Senate since 1985. At 80, she is a party stalwart. After Republicans finally took over the state Senate after an 82-year hiatus, they named her Senate president pro tempore. At one point, 25 years ago, she was the only Republican in the state Senate. It was 33 against 1. God bless her. She was George W. Bush's senior advisor for the state in that historic election in 2000 in which West Virginia finally flipped red in presidential races. Without West Virginia, say hello to President Gore. You are welcome, America.

But I am not in her district. My state senators are Chris Walters and Ed Gaunch. Good freshmen legislators.

The reason I got to vote for her is she is running for delegate to the Cleveland convention -- pledged to Trump.

Voted for John Raese. He is pledged to Trump too. He's a staunch conservative who got screwed in the U.S. Senate election in 1984 when Rockefeller paid off the corrupt sheriffs of southern West Virginia.

Voted for Anne and Thorney Lieberman. He's running the Trump campaign in West Virginia. Good man. Good woman. Their conservative credentials are impeccable.

Greg Thomas, same way.

I could go down the list of the 25 Trump delegates I voted for. None of them were Democrats. Most of them were Republican when Republican wasn't cool.

This is not to disparage Cruz supporters or any of the others. I am sure they are good conservative people as well. I did not look at the names. I do not want to know. Makes it easier to bury hatchets if they do not exist.

And I voted to re-elect Congressman Alex Mooney, who was in a contested race. He chairs the Cruz campaign in our state. We have a difference of opinion. So what? He is doing fine in Washington. Not his fault that the leadership is so chicken.

I was going to skip the presidential race, but I could not and then turn around and opine on the race. Put up, or shut up.

I did skip a few contested races. For example, I did not know enough about the county commission to cast an intelligent.

But in the House race I went with incumbent Mike Ihle -- good man whom Jared Hunt recommended two years ago when I was at the Daily Mail (when it existed). I went with Timothy Higginbotham because he actually asked for my vote. He checked out.

Ann Urling got my vote in the state treasurer's race. I did it despite the Chamber of Commerce endorsement. She's a banker not a politician.

Usually I skip the uncontested races (sorry Bill Cole) but I finally got to vote for J.B. McCuskey. Voted for his dad long ago. Good men. Also voted for Judge Stowers and Judge Reeder. The former had this really good law clerk -- gorgeous and smart -- a few years ago. She recommended Reeder. They were uncontested, so mine was an Attaboy Vote.

Beth Walker got my Hell Yeah vote for the Supreme Court. No way I will ever vote for a McGraw.

Voted to re-elect the two lady magistrates who were in uncontested races. They are good and certainly Kylene Dunlap is the finest magistrate in the state. Many moons ago Sheriff Don Wright hired her as the first woman deputy in the state. Good man, long gone. She has great credentials besides that.

For school board, I went with Bruce Knell. Don't know him although I think I met him. People I trust speak highly of him.

But the highlight of my day was voting for Donna J. Boley. For 32 years she carried the party banner even when she was the lone Republican in the state Senate. If Trump is good enough for her, he is good enough for everyone.


  1. The Cruzzers have been allowed to get away with that nonsense for too damned long.

    Having heard Trump on Cavuto for years, he always came across as pretty Conservative to me, but, then, he never had to tell anybody he was a Conservative - unlike some people who's voting record is a little more ambiguous.

  2. Big D, you're a warrior and patriot and American. Good post. I'm in District 59 and Saira decided to run again! Yes. Game plan for 5/10: Get up, read your blog, drink coffee, shower, go over to The Woods voting precinct, vote for Donald, vote for Saira, vote for her Dad, vote for all the other Rs, and then the wife says she's gonna give me a surprise for my 58th birthday! Yowsah. USA, USA, USA...!!!

    1. Happy birthday, Z-man. Our youngest turned 30 today as well.

  3. SMH. They might be conservative, but they are voting for a Manhattan liberal.

  4. Don, when I do not know enough about a candidate I check to see who the local newspaper supports and then vote the other way. Philosophically they and I are 180 degrees. Works every time.

  5. Donald Trump supports socialized healthcare.
    Trump is a deeply corrupt crony capitalist.
    Trump supports the govt stealing YOUR land to give to him. (And has done exactly this, many times)

    There is NOTHING conservative about Donald Trump, and if you think there is, there is nothing conservative about you!

    PS: He also has the vocabulary and mental capacity of a 4 year old.