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Monday, April 18, 2016

Cruz is in la-la-land

Few politicians blow more smoke than Ted Cruz. His latest is that he can win over "Trump voters."

From the Hill:
"I will say, if it ends up, as I think probably will happen, at a contested convention that we earn a majority, it's going to be critically important then to keep the Donald Trump supporters energized and engaged," Cruz said during an interview on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect.”
The Texas senator believes his campaign has outlasted those of Trump’s other opponents because he speaks to the issues that are compelling to the front-runner’s base.
"The issues that energize and excite the Trump voters: illegal immigration, securing the border, keeping this country safe and bringing jobs back to America, bringing them back from China, back from Mexico — those issues are right at the heart of our campaign," he said. 
"So I believe if I earn a majority of the delegates in Cleveland, that we are going to be able to continue to energize and unite those Trump supporters and get them to come out and vote in November."
The RNC is assigning Cruz delegates to Trump slots. They will be obligated to vote for Trump for a few ballots and then magically capitulate.

I have held my nose and voted Republican in the past.

I will need a gas mask this time. The man is venal. Stealing delegates like this is exactly why I hope Trump changes the Republican Party into something honorable again. We keep winding up with nominees who hate the party's voters. Look how both McCain ("wacky birds") and Romney trashed Trump supporters.

And I think most Trump voters will tell Cruz, you "won" the nomination without us. Good luck winning the White House without us.

But this is all hypotheical because Trump is well on his way to winning. That's what he does. Win.


  1. After 4 months of name-calling, lying, paying off websites and radio talkers to spout their propaganda, and vote theft, Daddy Cruz is dreaming if he thinks Trump supporters will for give and forget.

    1. And Trump thinks that Cruz supporters are going to support him if he wins the nomination? Talk about la la land. BTW - what is the status of Trump's lawsuit against Cruz regarding his true residency (maybe his birther lawyers are still in Kenya looking for Obama's birth certificate and haven't made it to Canada yet); his lawsuits in Wisconsin and Colorado over alleged vote stealing; and when is Trump revealing his bombshell about Cruz's wife? Maybe his two top name campaigners - Chris Christie and Sarah Palin - will be in front of the cameras any second now for these revelations.
      Cruz blows smoke; the Donald blows none at all.

    2. Trump does not need the Republican Establishment in order to win the presidency. The bombshell on Heidi Cruz is she works for Goldman Sachs, not as a model.

    3. Not sure which is the more hilarious part of your reply. The first sentence or second one. Don't bother to reply Don unless you answer all of my questions above, which won't happen.
      And who are you supporting again in W.Va. Governor race?

    4. Believe it or not, there are Cruz supporters who are not fanatics, Lefty trolls, NeverTrumpers, or Libertarians who are quite clear they would support anybody against Hillary.

      This guy is blowing smoke.

  2. Wow, "stealing" again. Looks like you've got your meme and you're going to stick with it come hell or high water, eh Don?

    And surely you haven't forgotten that McCain's "wacky birds" comment was directed *at Cruz*! How have you managed to turn that around to Cruz supporters insulting Trump?

    "That's what he does. Win." Except, apparently in states that require more that just bombast.

    1. Keep on drinking the Cruz-Aid, hun.

    2. A strong rebuttal, sir! I have no response to your well-thought-out arguments.

    3. Keep on replying Ken. Entertaining blog, eh?

    4. ^ a different Anon than the first responder.

    5. Wow won the delegates, Ken? Who organized, campaigned and said something that resonated with a million Floridians? And who sucks up to Goldman Sachs and the RNC to get delegates he did not earn? I will say to his face that Rafael Edward Cruz is a self-righteous liar and cheat, who accomplished nothing in life except toadying to the Establishment.

    6. Point by point:

      “Won the delegates”: Assuming you’re talking about Florida, Trump did. And they’re his for the first two rounds of voting. I suppose this is a good place to point out that Trump received ALL of the delegates, even though received less than half of Florida’s vote. Did Cruz or Rubio supporters whine that they were cheated or that half the delegates were stolen? No, because they understood an accepted the rules as written.

      “Organized, campaigned, resonated”: As far as campaigning and resonating, Trump did, at least resonating with less than half of primary voters. As for organizing, I can’t speak to Trump’s pre-primary organization, but clearly his post-primary organization was sadly lacking.

      “Sucks up to Goldman Sachs”: In what way is Cruz sucking up to Goldman Sachs?

      “Sucks up to the RNC to get delegates that he did not earn”: Couple points here. 1) I haven’t seen Cruz sucking up to the RNC, but maybe I’m following different news sources. 2) It doesn’t seem that the RNC has that much control over the delegates. If anything it’s down to the Republican leaders in each state; in other cases, the delegates themselves are making their own decisions, and Cruz took the time to convince them that he was a good second choice. 3) Abraham Lincoln did the same thing to secure the Republican nomination. Cheater, right?

      “Self-righteous”: Shrug, maybe. I’m not in his head, and neither are you.

      “Liar”: Where? When?

      “Cheat”: Once again, according to Trump supporters, playing by the rules when their candidate doesn’t come out ahead is “cheating”.

      “Accomplished nothing in life”: Well, earning praise as FTC director, successfully arguing cases before the Supreme Court, to name just a couple things. Not accomplishments?

      “Toadying up to the Establishment”: Really? I offer some quotes from this very blog:

      “Republicans like Obamacare. Otherwise they would have forced President Obama's hand on it long ago. Only Ted Cruz fights it in the Senate.”

      “Every Republican should stand behind Ted Cruz.”

      (quoting Yahoo) "Ted Cruz had barely been in the Senate for two months in March when Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain famously voiced his frustration with the new Texas lawmaker by calling him a 'wacko bird'.” (quoting Don) “In that typical John McCain manner, he got the insult wrong. Angry birds. Ted should just tell everyone he voted for Missus Palin and let it go. GOOD”.

      Anybody who’s been paying attention (and until you went all-in for Trump, I was sure that included you as well, Don) knows that Cruz was one of the most anti-establisment primary candidates.

    7. We were smart enough to figure out that Cruz was a poseur as afar as the antiestablishment thing goes. He revealed that with his team up with Rubio.

    8. Well done ken. Facts never got in the way of a journalist before, including those who "retired".

    9. Trump too once hinted at getting cozy with Rubio. Trump a poser too?

  3. As The Donald would say, "stealing" is a kill shot. - Elric

  4. It is entirely possible for the establishment to help Cruz scuttle Trump's campaign only to stab Cruz in the back and pick someone else. Who do YOU trust?

  5. The funny part is that pic at the top usually has a face that looks remarkably like Daddy's.

  6. Okay, so I've been asking how the hell are you guys going to win without Cruz supporters for the last few months. I told you my only goal is to beat the collectivists, and still I get called GOPe and a cuckservative. As if (my conservative bona fides are definitely more established than Donalds). And I gotta be honest, if I think I have to listen to 4 years of that shit I'll just be doing a write-in.