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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bill Maher mocks victim of being touched on the arm

Over the years, Bill Maher has said some pretty loathsome things, but on Friday night, he hit a new low.

He mocked Michelle Fields, victim of allegedly being touched on the arm by Corey Lewandowski -- a heinous crime for which we should bring back flogging.

From Real Clear Politics:
Maher quoted Fields calling the incident the worst experience since her father's death and commented, "what a charmed, lucky, clueless white girl life you have lived."
"And this woman, and she was talking about the whole event, not just the [incident], she said, 'This has to be aside from my father's death, the worst experience I've ever gone through.' And I thought what a charmed, lucky, clueless white girl life you have lived if that's the worst that happen to you. And do we have to politicize everything?" Maher said.
"But it is the only time in the history of politics that a campaign manager has been arrested for assault," comedienne Kathy Griffin told Maher.
"But he shouldn't have been, that's not assault!" Maher responded.
Trump surrogate Andy Dean was a guest panelist on the show this week and defended the Trump Organization because they released the video.
"That tape was released by Donald Trump and the campaign. It was from our ballroom at Trump Jupiter. We wanted people to be able to see the tape because after the event she said she almost fell down. This is also a reporter who has said she's been abused by the NYPD and groped by a war hero, Allen West," Dean said.
"She has a history, like Brian Williams, of inserting herself into the news," Dean also said.
Maher defended Lewandowski and said the video shows he should not have been charged with misdemeanor battery. 
I want to ask Maher: Have you no shame, sir? What if she were your daughter?

I can see her in court with that anatomy doll and the prosecutor asking, show me where he touched you.

Maher had no business mocking her like this. Michelle Fields is a special snowflake who needs a safe place and a grief counselor.


  1. Dammit, I say we go all biblical on Lewandowski - an eye for an eye and all that. Let's allow Ms. Fields to sternly grab her assailant's arm, see how he deals with that!

    I predict at least a 25% reduction in arm-grabbing nationwide once perpetrators are taken in hand (or arm).

  2. Mahar is an ass and a jerk. Still, I have to agree with him on this.

    1. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  3. "White girl" is a pejorative?

    1. No. He's saying her life has been relatively easy.

  4. What i can't figgure out-is how did her bruises show up on the same day?
    TG McCoy

    1. In the photo I saw, I could not see any bruises.

  5. The floor-level cellphone video showed how little contact there was. This is just another case of leftists using any means possible to go after a Republican. It fooled the low-information types, and that's all that matters.