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Monday, March 14, 2016

Will Bernie fans flock to Trump?

If she gets the Democratic Party nomination, will Hillary Clinton still feel the Bern as Sanders supporters stump for Trump?

A British columnist believes it could happen.

From the Guardian:
This week the Guardian sought out Sanders fans who are contemplating switching their allegiance to Trump if Hillary Clinton secures the Democratic nomination.
Almost 700 people replied to the call-out, and some 500 of them said they were thinking the unthinkable: a Sanders-Trump switch.
They explained their unconventional position by expressing a variety of passionately held views on their shared commitment for protecting workers and against new wars, on their zeal for an alternative to the establishment, and on their desire to support anyone but Hillary Clinton.
As one respondent, a 34-year-old male IT technician, put it: “Bernie and Trump agree a lot on healthcare, Iraq war, campaign finance and trade. I really want to move on to something new, new ideas from outside the box. Maybe Donald Trump can provide that.”
The Guardian call-out was not a poll, but controlled surveys by polling companies have identified this small but not insignificant slice of the Sanders crowd who would consider backing Trump. 
In an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey conducted by Hart Research Associates this month, 7% of Sanders voters said they could see themselves supporting Trump. Some 66% said the same for Clinton.
A similar proportion of Sanders folk – 8% – gave Trump a positive likeability rating, compared with 48% for Clinton. That figure is unlikely to be causing Clinton campaign aides much loss of sleep.
And of course, a percentage of Cruz fans will vote for Clinton when he loses.

But it does show some voters want results more than they want ideology.


  1. The British also thought they could keep the American Colonists under control. A potty bunch, wot? - Elric

  2. Some will-working class whites who are non-religious. Trump and Sanders both draw from this voting bloc. It is a voting bloc that Clinton carried heavily in 2008 vs Obama. In the Democratic Party coalition it is smaller than the black vote, but it is highly important. Trump being in the Republican primary is the main reason turnout in the Democratic primaries is greatly reduced everywhere. However, if Trump isn't the nominee, these voters will return to the Democratic fold even if Clinton is the nominee- she won them in 2008, and her husband won them in both 92 and 96.

  3. I disagree. Pretty much every single Bernie! fan will switch to Hillary! without missing a beat.

    1. FWIW my daughter feels the Bern but she says she will never vote for Shrillary.

  4. It's the Establishment, stupid.

  5. My skepticism is such I'll believe it when I see it, but things are such this year it seems more within the realm of possibility than otherwise.

  6. Nah, they'll all just spend Election Day mellowing out to Cheech & Chong movies.

  7. Nothing is sure this election cycle. My own opinion is that a share of Bernie voters will not vote, period. A lot of the young supports are only Bernie fans and will not support Hillary or even vote.

    1. I agree that many of the young Bernie supporters will not go over to Shrillary, but I think that some of the more anti-establishment voters may decide to go for Trump rather than risk Shrillary winning. Just my opinion.