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Monday, March 07, 2016

Why Nikki Haley's endorsement was worthless in South Carolina

One of the puzzlers of the South Carolina primary is why Marco Rubio lost.

He had the two major endorsements: Senator Tim Scott and Governor Nikki Haley. How could he lose? Haley has a 71% approval rate among Republicans.

We learned the answer this weekend.

Nikki Haley spoke to the Gridiron Club.


She is that establishment.

Not only did she deliver the response to the State of the Union speech that blasted the Republican front-runner instead of the Democratic president, but now she is in Washington dancing to the Washington Establishment's tune.

And that tine is Never Trump.

From McClatchy:
“Even though I gave the [State of the Union] response, I won’t really feel like I made it until Donald Trump demands to see my birth certificate,” she joked at the dinner, a 130-year old event where journalists and politicians roast each other in speeches and songs.
Haley and the Democratic speakers, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro and Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, were serenaded with songs that teased them for being vice presidential wannabees on their respective tickets.
“By the way when I endorsed Marco [Rubio] everyone assumed we cut a deal,” Haley said in her speech. “We did - he promised I could borrow his boots.”
Haley found the humor in the state of her party, which is in the midst of a panicked scramble to stop Trump from being the Republican nominee.
“Reince Priebus, who I saw earlier, used the RNC to control the debate so they didn’t damage the Republican brand,” Haley said, turning to the Republican National Committee Chairman. “Heck of a job, Priebus.”
So there is Miss Establishment 2016 kissing up to Castro, who will be Hillary's running mate, and mocking Trump.

To show bipartisanship, new Democratic presidents like to pick a friendly Republican for their Cabinet. Obama's secretary of transportation. as Ray LaHood.

Nikki Haley auditioned for secretary of transportation.

Voters in South Carolina sensed that. They like her as governor, but not as secretary of transportation.


  1. Hope it is not as bad you indicate. I do like her. We shall see.

  2. Don, you are too kind. Ann Coulter calls her a bimbo.

  3. Sad to say.

    Funny how a lot of those "Tea Party favorites" turn out to be disappointments.

    IMHO the Yea Party was pretty much run by Libertarians and Libertarians have struck me as Lefty Demos who have no guilt about hanging onto their money.


    PS I think a lot of the Cruz crowd are Libertarians in Conservative clothing.



  4. I think you guys are getting a bit tight-assed in constantly covering for Trump. Trump can be a huge douche, and if he can't be kidded about it it's going to be a very long 4 years if he's elected. And if everyone who isn't in Camp Trump is an "establishment" confederate, you guys need to get comfortable with people saying Trump isn't conservative in return.

  5. Julian Castro is to the left of his namesake, Fidel. Could Haley be any more of a RINO?

  6. Haley wants to be VP on Chico's ticket, or anyone else's for that matter.

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