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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why are we in Eastern Europe?

The BBC reported that President Obama has dispatched troops to Eastern Europe to confront Russia.

This makes no sense.

From the BBC:
The US is boosting its troop presence in eastern Europe in response to an "aggressive Russia", the military says.
An extra armored brigade is being deployed, meaning a total of three will be there on a continuous basis.
The BBC's diplomatic correspondent says it is the most significant US reinforcement of Nato since tensions flared over Russian action in Ukraine.
Last month the Pentagon announced plans to quadruple its budget for European defence in 2017.
The additional presence will increase US ability to conduct military exercises in the region.
The plan demonstrates "our strong and balanced approach to reassuring our Nato allies and partners in the wake of an aggressive Russia in eastern Europe and elsewhere", said Gen Philip Breedlove, the senior US commander in Europe.
"Our allies and partners will see more capability. They will see a more frequent presence of an armored brigade with more modernized equipment in their countries," he added.
Why are we doing this?

We created NATO to fight the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is no more. It died in 1991 and disbanded. Russia is not our foe, and could help us in this war just as it did in World War II.

These troops should be in Iraq fighting back Iran and its Islamic State army.


  1. Obama only puts troops where they won't be needed to actually fight.

  2. All of Obama's actions regarding the military have been to downsize and degrade it. Part of that strategy is to deploy troops aimlessly. - Elric

  3. I would not bet against Russia being our enemy. Russia may not be Communist, but Pooty was KGB. Tigers, stripes, all that.

    1. Agreed. Putin is for a Greater Russia. That does spell danger.

  4. This is transparently a direct response to the point Donald Trump made about the applicability of NATO to the 21st century world. Injecting this into the news now provides cover for GOP establishment "hawks" to switch support to the hambeast in a pantsuit.

  5. The idea is move our military "protective shield" of Europe OUT of countries that are increasingly infected with the Muslim virus INTO countries that haven't yet been infected so. It has nothing to do with standing up to Putin or protecting sovereign Europe/Eastern Europe. It has everything to do with getting our troops away from the Muslim flashpoint in Europe so that the Muslim invasion and take over of Europe can continue unabated. It is a move that's designed to protect the Muslim invaders. Once the Islamification of Europe is accomplished (which will happen soon enough) our troops will come home. All is proceeding as Obama foretold.

  6. As someone who was stationed there I can echo dozens of conversations with fellow Soldiers regarding how idiotic our staged training events were in Eastern Europe. Not a single leader or Soldier I knew wanted to die for Estonia (as lovely as they are).

  7. Let's make a deal. Leave Eastern Europe alone and we'll turn our heads when you take the Bosporus. Then we drink vodka and eat some Turkish delight, and then go enjoy a mass in the Hagia Sophia.