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Thursday, March 31, 2016

What Never Trump stands for

The Never Trump movement of mainly Washington-based Republican insiders has succeeded in toxifying Donald Trump in a manner that they never tried on any Democrat, because he threatens their livelihood.

To stop Trump, the Never Trump crowd has accepted many of the things they voiced opposition to a few weeks ago, such as the Rules For Radicals Of Saul Alinsky. That is not rhetorical.

Democrats do not threaten the livelihood of the conservatives at the tax-exempt foundations who expound on capitalism, which they do not practice. In fact, a Democratic president is a fund-raiser for the various camps as we must Stop Obama From Doing Unconstitutional Things.

I am at a loss to find one unconstitutional thing the little Marxist has done. But send your money in to the conservative think tanks, Chamber of Commerce, and establishment candidate of your choice to stop him.

Never Trump and Bill Ayers are now bunk mates. They say politics makes for strange bedfellows, but I believe politics only reveals them. Let us look at just what Never Trump embraces.

1. Political correctness. Consider Jennifer Rubin's clutch-the-pearls reaction to Trump's call not to allow people from Muslim countries in until we can separate the terrorists from the refugees.

Rubin wrote:
No one should have been surprised by Trump’s spasm of hatred. On Monday afternoon, a Monmouth poll showing him slipping to second place in Iowa came out. Trump’s narcissism, one can imagine, prompted him to wrench back the limelight, as he has done in the past when falling off the media radar screen. His favorite technique is appealing to anger, fear and bigotry. So we get the Muslim ban. But we should not be surprised for another reason. This past summer, as soon as he went after Hispanic immigrants as criminals — and many in the party were mute or defensive — we knew he’d play the bigotry card whenever convenient. If he was willing to go after Hispanics, then POWs and women, surely he would have no problem directing his venom toward Muslims.
2. Violence. Jonah Goldberg blamed Trump, not mob organizer Bill Ayers, for the fiasco in Chicago.

Goldberg wrote:
The Trump campaign said it had to cancel its event there because the police were concerned about public safety. That’s a lie. The Chicago Police Department insists the decision was Trump’s — as was the choice to stage a rally in an area of Chicago where the campaign knew protesters would swarm.
Of course, protesters were only too happy to play the role Team Trump expected them to play.
3. Hillary Clinton's foreign policy. David French wrote:
We know what we’ll get from Clinton when it comes to foreign policy. She’s an internationalist interventionist with more muscular instincts than Barack Obama and less resolve than George W. Bush. She voted for the Iraq invasion but then went wobbly as the war dragged on. She backed the surge in Afghanistan, advocated intervention in Libya, and was famously more skeptical of the Arab Spring than Obama. Her “reset” with Russia was a disaster, but she’ll broadly back American allies, maintain our stewardship of NATO, and keep our other international commitments.
Trump’s foreign policy, insofar as he has a coherent foreign policy, is by contrast an entire casserole of crazy.
4. The Mother Jones myth that Trump would have been better off putting his money in a stock index fun. The skyline of Manhattan alone begs to disagree. But Never Trump is populated mainly in the tax-exempt world that liberals occupy. They forgot what an XXX-rated rat trap much of Manhattan had become by the time they filmed "Taxi Driver" in the 1970s. Trump helped clean that up. Earned a ton of money, too.

5. Abortion rights. From Jeanne Mancini, President of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund:
Mr. Trump’s comment today is completely out of touch with the pro-life movement and even more with women who have chosen such a sad thing as abortion. Being pro-life means wanting what is best for the mother and the baby. Women who choose abortion often do so in desperation and then deeply regret such a decision. No pro-lifer would ever want to punish a woman who has chosen abortion. This is against the very nature of what we are about. We invite a woman who has gone down this route to consider paths to healing, not punishment.
So women can break the law without consequences, not even a fine. Personal responsibility is no longer a conservative value.

Of course the pro-life groups have no intention of ending abortion. That would end their purpose. The pro-life groups exist to raise money from pro-life Americans, just as the pro-abortion groups exist to raise money from pro-abortion people. NARAL's purpose ended on January 22, 1973, when the Supreme Court made abortion on demand an irrevocable law of the land. A few restriction were placed on it 35 years later. Until someone proposes an anti-abortion amendment to the Constitution, abortion is no more debatable than slavery. Ditto gay marriage. Obamacare can be appealed.

The Never Trump movement opened eyes. The conservatives in Washington have as much principle as the liberals in that city, which is to say none. People who protested the dehumanization of Sarah Palin in 2016 are helping the left are dehumanizing Trump in 2016. They are in cahoots because they always have been. Conservatives raise a ruckus when the left proposes the insane, then over time accepts it -- admonishing conservatives not to campaign on social issues. Washington is revealing itself as a corrupt and evil place that no longer serves the people but rules them with conservatives helping shepherd the public toward acceptance of incremental communism.

Too harsh? Think about it. You are not allowed to call someone a communist in this country. In fact Godwin himself gave everyone permission to call Trump a Nazi this election cycle.

Never Trump pins its hopes on Cruz, who as a White House aide and senator has proved himself untrustworthy. But he will never threaten their livelihood by actually attacking the real threat to the nation: Washington.


  1. They speak with one voice, including the One True Ted and his Libertarian friends.

    I'm starting to appreciate how the officers that finally cooked up the July 20 plot against Hitler must have felt.

  2. Sounds like Trump has gotten Surber to reverse his position on everything he's written about for years and years now. Well done Mr. Trump.

  3. Suggestion: Keep all Congressmen - Representatives and Senators - in their respective state capitals and videoconference all Congressional business. Turn the U.S. Capitol into a museum. This would have a four-fold effect: 1) cut down on corruption in Washington, D.C., 2) force lobbyists to spend a LOT more money to try to sway legislators, 3) keep Congressmen more in tune with their constituents, 4) while not eliminating all corruption, at least it will bring it back to the state level where it can be of some benefit to the people. - Elric

  4. Some good points Don, but you are wrong on how the GOPe feel about Cruz. They absolutely loathe him. Cruz is the real deal in being a constitutional conservative--and threatens their crony capitalist thing far more than Trump--whether he (or Trump) could be elected is a different matter. I think either of them could be elected, but it will be tough.

  5. As I read it, Godwin gives everyone permission to call anyone Hitler. Not just Trump.

  6. Nailed Pro-Life advocacy groups to the wall. You're right. They don't really want the problem solved. Then the money stops. That's part of the reason they won't accept piecemeal measures like the left does. Someone asked me about Trump's abortion talk, and I replied that we should regulate it like they do in Europe and if a woman gets an illegal abortion they lose access to Federal assistance for anything for four years with no appeal. One other thing: the ability to tax and regulate is the ability to destroy. The left has seen doing that to us for decades. It's time we play the same game. Regulating abortion could be the first step to abolition. But the money grubbers don't like that because they're afraid that the public would be satisfied with something less, and the money grubbers know in their heats that they will never get what they say they want--therefore the money keeps rolling in.

    1. Salami tactics work. Cut off a slice. Wait. Cut another. Wait. Cut another.

      Still, you have a point. No organization WANTS to go out of business, no matter what goal they wish to reach.

  7. #Never Trump = # Always Hillary.
    TG McCoy