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Saturday, March 12, 2016

West Virginia Legislature -- 60 days of service

The 82nd West Virginia Legislature easily was the best in 82 years, and not because it was the first Republican controlled legislature in that time.

How do we know? The Gazette hated it more than Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather hated "Pretty Woman."

Come on, who didn't like "Men on Film"? I always gave it two snaps and a rewind.

The Gazette called the session "60 days of damage." Reality called it 60 days of repair.

Republicans are working on balancing the budget next year -- as required by the state constitution -- without raising taxes, without cutting health benefits for state workers, and without cutting road maintenance. They will use the rainy day fund, because it rained. Democrats are shutting down the coal industry (natural gas industry, you are next) while fracking activity slowed. A temporary slowdown in state revenues is no excuse for another permanent tax. We are 14th in state taxes, 49th in state income thanks to eight decades of Democratic Party control of the state's purse.

Republicans also overrode the Democratic governor's veto of gun rights legislation that ended the $90 fee gun owners paid sheriffs for the right to carry a gun for five years.

Republicans ended the antiquated prevailing wage law that inflated the cost public works projects.

Republicans made West Virginia the 26th right to work state in the nation, effective July 1, 2016.

By the way, someone please tell the Gazette editorial board that for the past 30 years (at least) lawmakers have held a special session after the regular one to pass the budget. The constant complaints about not fixing the governor's tax-laden proposal only makes readers roll their eyes.


  1. This be the first time I ever heard of Men On Film. Guess I've been lucky.

    1. Men on Film was hilariously funny.
      And it's so politically incorrect that it could not be made today.

  2. Knee-slapper post ... again. How are the Rs working on balancing the budget now when they offered no (sane) proposals during the just-completed session?
    The biggest joke of all is years and years of gnashing of teeth by Rs about the greyhound and gaming subsidies. What did they do to these subsidies? Return it to the general budget? Nope! Nothing. See Rs are bought just as easy as Ds.
    Just two years ago, Rs lashed into Tomblin for dipping into the Rainy Day Fund to balance the budget, but now it is okay?? Funny how Ds (with their many faults) are never credited with building up a $900 million-plus RD Fund after R Cecil Underwood nearly depleted it at the end of his term.