Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tweet of the day


  1. Hmmm, Reagan won the Cold War by going against the GOP Establishment at the time. Standard of living rose after we tossed out the Nixon/GOP wage and price controls as well as due to the non-GOP Establishment take over of Congress in 1994. Same with crime control.

    And the GOP Establishment wouldn't need to allow people like @ericbolling succeed if they weren't so quick to weigh down business and individuals with regulations.

    But it is nice to see the GOP Establishment are quick to take credit for the successes of mavericks.

    1. Agreed. I commented on instapundit about my dying patient who had been a lifelong Democrat. Voting early for Trump and some cuck made a comment about a Democrat voting for another Democrat, and then making a reference to Reagan. I had to remind him that in 1980 Reagan had still been a Democrat for more of his life than he'd been a Republican. One thing I think is remarkable is that for so long conservatives sat outside the Republican party criticizing and cajoling, and being treated shabbily. Now those same establishment types call themselves conservative and seem to think this places them beyond rebuke while they gradually adopt the policies of the left as if their cuckoldry were some new kind of Orthodox dogma and they had license as official inquisitors. Another thing: I thought loving one's own country was about as conservative as one could get. How is it that the slightest bit of nationalism became evil?

  2. Thinking about Reagan some more. In 1979 the president of our local college Republican club told me that if Reagan won the nomination he would not vote for him. The same sentiment these Establishment types have now toward Trump. They also make a big deal about how Cruz does better in States with closed primaries. Drudge had a link yesterday to someone who pointed out the laxity with which ballots were handled in Utah, rendering that primary corrupt in my mind. I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to bet that Reagan did better in open primary States too. Reagan would probably have a bunch of disagreements with Trump, but I'd also be willing to bet that he would also have a great deal of sympathy for him. As for the Christianity thing, I doubt that that Republican club president had to explain his stance on the Nicene Creed before being elected to his position.

  3. So, is the GOP glass of achievements half empty or half full? As for me, I'm still thirsty. They could have done a lot better. - Elric