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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump's racially diverse Tampa office

The New York Times went to Donald Trump's office in Tampa and found (gasp) Hispanics, an immigrant from the Philippines and even a Lakota Indian.

Good gosh.

Has someone not seen the memo on Hitler-Klansman-Mussolini Trump?

From a stunned New York Times:
Here in Tampa, in the week before the pivotal Florida primary, conversations with more than 20 volunteers showing up to make campaign calls or otherwise help out at a small Trump campaign office in an old cigar factory yielded some surprises on the subjects of race, ethnicity and bigotry.
For a campaign frequently depicted as offering a rallying point for the white working class, the people volunteering to help Mr. Trump here are noteworthy for their ethnic diversity. They include a young woman who recently arrived from Peru; an immigrant from the Philippines; a 70-year-old Lakota Indian; a teenage son of Russian immigrants; a Mexican-American.
They range the political spectrum, too, from lifelong Democrat to independent to libertarian to conservative Republican. To a person, they condemned and sometimes ridiculed David Duke and other white supremacists who have noisily backed Mr. Trump. “I totally do not agree with them,” said one volunteer, Andrew Cherry.
Yet like Mrs. Linsky, many spoke openly about how fears centered on race and ethnicity were at the heart of their support for Mr. Trump. To a large extent, they traced those fears to the scars they still bear from the Great Recession — lost jobs, drained 401(k)’s, home foreclosures, rising debt, the feeling that the country is broken.
Maybe the bigotry comes from SJWs posing as reporters who stereotype as white-hooded racists white people who have not been to college.

There was one brilliant paragraph:
The women got out of the car and headed to the Trump campaign office. Mrs. Lux, walking with a cane, and Mrs. Wollen, tiny and frail, explained that everywhere they looked, they saw evidence of a diminished nation, one so hobbled it cannot give decent health care to many veterans. “They even got rid of our space program,” Mrs. Lux said.
She was right. The people running the country do not America to be great again. They think the wrong side won the Cold War.


  1. You may have noticed people linking to your site from Japan and the Philippines a week or so ago. That was me. I went to a wedding in Japan and visited family in the PI. I have about a hundred people in an extended international family and the same number domestically. The wedding was friends of my sons. The ones who talked me into changing my support from Cruz to Trump. The idea that Trump doesn't have appeal that crosses traditional lines is absolutely ludicrous. Even the Japanese nationalists like him because he will force Japan to defend itself. The people who dislike him are the folks who have gotten used to the USA laying down for them on trade deals and exchanges. Realistic people understand that they cannot expect to both be defended by the USA and get the best part of trade deals and expect the country that they hope will be there in a conflict to be able to come through if it is hopelessly weakened by decades of bad policies. Why do you think they begged us to come back to Clark and Subic? Why do you think that Japan and the PI recently began an arms trade exchange? The USA must be able to be in a position of strength when the time comes or liberty is lost. They celebrated the people power revolution in the PI while we were there. Hopefully they will keep the Marcos family out of power in the next election. One thing they don't want is military and political domination by China. It would be a replay of the Japanese occupation. That's why the Japanese are now their friends.

  2. The woman with the cane had lived through the 40s and 50s when the US dared the undarable every year and often succeeded. Those who have lived under Obama and benefited from his prejudice toward indolence, so now want his servant HC to rule them in his name, do not have such a mindset. They want Pelosi greatness, the ability to do nothing and still eat, or NYT greatness, unquestioning subservience to ones SAT betters. Trump is calling for action and resistance to the status quo,not passive subservience. But for many action is scary. Better an easily confused liar as a ruler, readily manipulated, yes, but kind and benign, than a willful and aggressive brute who might recreate confrontation and distress, even daring, as a way of life.

  3. DJT is the change the Republican Party has been looking for. They better pull their heads outta their asses and get in tune with him, soon. His numbers in FLA are gonna be YUGE. Game over, at that point, IMHO...

  4. And let's not forget how diverse Barry's HQ was.

  5. I am shocked! Shocked! to find diversity in the Donald Trump campaign! - Elric

  6. NYT wears blinders it has made for itself.

  7. It's amazing that paragraph got past the editors.

  8. Question...

    In 2016 dollars, what was the deficit while America was putting men on the Moon?

    Seems a bigger bang for the buck than anything Obama's achieved in the last eight years.