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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trump slices and dices Hillary

While the Never Trumpsters try to hold the Republican Party hostage so it will remain vbusiness as usual in Washington -- the most corrupt city in the world -- Trump is squaring off against his real opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Via Breitbart, Trump:
Billionaire Donald Trump, the 2016 GOP presidential front runner, told Breitbart News exclusively in a phone interview that he believes that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is only “being nice to” President Barack Obama because she wants him to prevent the FBI from indicting her over her email scandal.
Trump’s comments came in response to a question about his thoughts on former President Bill Clinton, Hillary’s husband, calling President Obama’s administration an “awful legacy” in a Spokane, Washington, speech last week.
“If he said that, Hillary will be indicted,” Trump said of Bill Clinton’s remarks on Obama’s administration. “In all fairness, that’s incredible, because I think she’s being nice to Obama for only one reason: She wants to get protected. That’s the only reason she’s nice to him.”
Trump fights. Hilllary is way ahead of him in the polls?

So was Jeb.

The matter is settled. You can rally around Trump -- or you can sit there and let Hillary waltz past the slammer and into the White House.


  1. Trump is the only one who will attack the clinton crime syndicate. There are too many mccain and romneys in the republican party and not enough reids and schumers.

  2. I am not convinced Hillary makes it through primary season without legal ramifications of the email scandal. That's why Bernie continues to press on so hard.
    Whether it's Bernie or Hillary, still trying to figure out why I should rally around a billionaire who earned his wealth the old fashion way. Through inheritance.
    Glad to see Surber continues to realize the cold realities of American politics, the latest being "Washington -- the most corrupt city in the world ..."
    Glad you continue to come to grips that all those years of believing an individual with simply an "R" next to his/her name would make a difference was actually a false premise. After you leave the Rs after the November election with hopes that Trump takes politics back toward the center (your words, not mine), maybe things will right themselves in this country that you can turn your attention to blogging the Cleveland Browns into a winning organization again.

    1. It seems to me that you don't find a Socialist unacceptable. Am I wrong?

    2. "still trying to figure out why I should rally around a billionaire..."

      The rest of your sentence reflects a deficit of information. Trump inherited some money, but earned most of his wealth. It is churlish not to give him that credit.

      I was not a Trumplican from the start, and wish Scott Walker were still in the race, but I recognize Trump is a candidate who is willing, when he is in an all out gun fight with the Democrats, to bring a real gun and not a nerf gun to the battle. Too many GOPers are never in to win. Whatever his many faults, Donald is all in to win. The rest is details....

    3. Sam - I have never said I would vote for Hillary and Bernie. And applying your definition of "socialism" and mine are much different when it comes to applying it to the Dem front-runners.
      Iap - How do we know how much wealth Trump really has when he refuses to release such information. He would never be where he is today without having first had a boatload of inherited money to begin with. I agree with you on Walker .. and Trump to a degree. Been waiting for many, many years for a true independent candidate to shake the R and D establishment. It's too bad the one doing it now - The Donald - is bat-crap crazy.

  3. Don, you are the best.

    Just keep telling the truth.

  4. Just had a retired postal worker tell me he plans to write in Trump if the Republicans nominate someone else.

  5. Whatever his faults may be, I have to go with anybody but Hillary. - Elric