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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump got news coverage by being news

There is a lot of whining today -- as Republicans run out of excuses for not calling Donald Trump their presumptive nominee -- about all the news coverage of him.

The New York Times figured Trump received $1.9 billion worth of Earned Media.

He did that the old-fashioned way.

He earned it. That is why they call it Earned Media. He made news, while others sat back and waited.

There are ten elements of a news story. The more you hit, the more newsworthy you are. This iss not difficult to figure out. Every one of my readers already knows the ten elements

Via Axia PR, the list:

1. "Proximity: Location, location, location."

If something happens in Houston, the Houston Chronicle covers it. The New York City media covered The Donald like flies on an ice cream cone.

2. "Prominence: A well-known person, place or event has a stronger news angle than something that the audience isn’t familiar with."

Trump and Jeb Bush were the only national figures among the 17 Republican candidates.

3. "Timeliness: Current news has more impact than something that happened yesterday or last week."

He was there 24/7, giving interviews and holding press conferences on current events all summer long. No one else was.

4. "Oddity: If something is unusual, shocking or bizarre, the strangeness alone could make it newsworthy. Think Octo-Mom."

Didn't Jethro Tull have a song "Octo-Don"?

5. "Consequence: If the impact of an event may directly affect readers, they will want to know about it."

Elections have consequences.

6. "Conflict: Readers are always interested in disagreements, arguments and rivalries."


7. "Human interest: If a situation draws any sort of emotional reaction, then it might contain the news element of a human-interest story."

His hair alone accounted for a million hours on television.

8. "Extremes/superlatives."

Yep. Another one I need not explain.

9. "Scandal: Everyone loves to hate on the philandering congressman who sends inappropriate pictures under an absurd virtual handle."

Trump said what???

10. "Impact: Whether it's a peaceful protest that encompasses five city blocks or a 23-car pileup on the pike, the more people involved in the event, the more newsworthy it is."

And that my friends is how you get a couple billion dollars worth of free publicity: You earn it. You hustle. You take them all on at once and dominate the news.

This was why The Donald did not have to sell his soul to 1,000 millionaires to get money to buy media. He got the news media to cover him by being news,

Some detractors call him a trainwreck. OK. But he is news. No one gave him a damned thing. He earned it.


  1. The NYT itsownself proved The Donald news was fit to print! They own it.

  2. Maybe the NYTimes will report itself to the FEC for giving illegal in-kind donations to Trump.

    I am being serious- they are that psychotic.

  3. The Donald used the NYTimes the way the Times used The Donald. He got coverage, they sold papers. It was win-win; they both benefited.

  4. Would Trump be a complete disaster in the Presidency? I have no idea.

    But what I do know is that, when the current crop of skippers has got you to where the boat's nose is jutting out over the falls, the only game in town is the guy yelling, "All engines, full astern!"

  5. He is the purple light of the bug zapper; they are the hapless moths drawn in.

    "Don't look at the light! Don't!"
    "But it's so wonderful...."

    -Mikey NTH