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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Take Kim Jong Un serious

Everyone scoffs at Kim Jong Un.

Not me.

He gets laughed at by the same people who scoffed at Muslims destroying the Twin Towers following that failed attempt in 1993 -- the same people who sneered that ISIS was the JV squad in Kobe shirts -- the same people who told me there were WMD in Iraq

And no, Obama was not the only one in Washington who wrote off the Islamic State.

Kim Jong Un is a real threat to the United States. He is ruthless, using antiaircraft guns to execute his uncle -- and then burning the body.

From Breitbart:
A DPRK Today article – run with the byline Cho Hyong Il, allegedly a North Korean nuclear scientist – warns, “Our hydrogen bomb is much bigger than the one developed by the Soviet Union.” It muses, “If this H-bomb were to be mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile and fall on Manhattan in New York City, all the people there would be killed immediately and the city would burn down to ashes.”
The KCNA did run a nuclear threat article this weekend, but it did not specifically target the United States. Instead, KCNA threatened a “preemptive retaliatory strike” against the United States and South Korea for joint military drills being held at the border. The drills, named Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, feature 300,000 troops, engaged in a simulation exercise in which they are to practice the invasion of Pyongyang and restoration of stability after the fall of Kim Jong-un.
“Over 27 000 [sic] U.S. imperialist aggressor troops deployed in south Korea are within the firing range of the merciless ultra-modern strike means of the DPRK,” an article in Rodong Sinmun reads, describing the drills. The newspaper describes the premise of the military exercises as a threat of an actual invasion of Pyongyang, not just practice for when the Kim regime falls. “They may ignite a nuclear war if they wish to perish. Once there is a sign of such provocation, the ultra-modern strike means, nuclear weapons of the DPRK, will preempt a counter-action to have the pent-up wrath and grudge settled,” the article concludes.
The Church commission led to a ban on assassinating foreign leaders.

Dump it.

One bullet, problem solved.


  1. I thought we tried something similar in Libya by getting rid of Gaddafi?

  2. No bullet or change of laws required. Just drop a big honkin' bomb on Kim's house as a warning - while he is there. Reagan did it to Qaddafi but missed him. - Elric

  3. One reason that KJU is so dangerous is that, like Obama, he is surrounded by people who only tell him what he wants to hear. He has no concept of the real world outside of the hermit kingdom. He probably actually believes the outrageous things he says that we may dismiss as bluster.

    1. I don't know about KJU, but the problem with Obama is, to quote the words of Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry in his article for THEWEEK, his preening self-regard:

      "Obama's performance of his own thoughtfulness and rumination becomes unbearable once you realize that he will turn around thoughts in his head, but never end up changing them. There's an almost dizzying feeling when you realize something you thought was profound turns out to be incredibly shallow. "

      Gobry nails it. This is why those of us who have spent entire careers evaluating the intelligence of others have never fallen for the trope that Obama is the brilliant Lightmaker so many on the Left believe.

  4. Like every thing you said, except the comment about WMD in Iraq. They found huge stockpiles of artillery shells filled with poisonous gas, and other stockpiles of chemical weapons. The "intelligence" agencies of numerous countries gave the assessment that Iraq possessed WMD.

    1. And according to Iraqi General Georges Sada in his book "Saddam's Secrets: How an Iraqi General Defied And Survived Saddam Hussein," many of those WMDs were shipped to Syria on commercial Iraqi airliners before the war started.

  5. Presume that he is talking about the Soviet Tsar Bomba test.

  6. We'll never get close enough for a bullet.
    I doubt we'd ever know with certainty where he is or will be.