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Friday, March 18, 2016

Statistic of the day


  1. What? No cumulative totals? - Elric

  2. 7,451,982 Trump
    5,486,242 Romney
    5,118,833 McCain
    5,800,615 Bush

    I added these up three times and got different totals each time so I know these figures are accurate.

  3. But but he doesn't have the votes! I keep hearing that.

  4. The Cruzzers keep saying the opposite.

    Like to see the One True Ted's totals as a comparison.

  5. Looks to be doing better overall, and most everywhere.

  6. Replies
    1. Given that green was always the accountant's pen, ain't that the truth.

      But under Bernie's first Five Year Plan, the New Hero Soviet American Worker will quadruple his current eight hour daily shift and solve the deficit problem overnight.

      What's that, you say? Work 32 hour days? Look, Democrats are intellectuals, not mathematicians.

  7. Big Weekend? Taking off early? Enjoy!!

  8. So Trump has nearly 50% more votes, at similar points, than Romney did (somehow that sounds worse than 2-million to my eyes/ears).

  9. The other candidates only had Republicans voting for them....

  10. Fanfare for the Common Man.

    Because it seems that person is getting it in the teeth and the nethers everyday, and I think it is very well time that the wheel turned him back upright.

    (Sorry - I'm so old I remember when the Democrats used to care about the well-being of blue collar and pink collar citizens!)

    - Mikey NTH