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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Russia gets it, Obama does not

While our president auditioned in Argentina for "Dancin' With The Stars" -- sending a signal of celebration to Muslim terrorists worldwide -- the people who are not protected at all times by 20 SUVs filled with armed guards are finally questioning America's commitment to saving Western civilization.

Deutsche Welle interviewed Russian Deputy Defense Minister Antonov about Moscow's role in the Global War on Terrorism. His words were wise.

From the interview:
ANTONOV: The war on terror will be the main topic at the international security conference to be held in Moscow at the end of April. The problem is that some countries are playing games with the terrorists. They think it is possible to create islands that are free of terrorism. At the UN General Assembly, our president extended his hand and said: ''We have to stick together." If we do, we can come together like a fist. It's the only way that we can fight terrorism.
DW: Like a fist? That's a very illustrative analogy. But what part exactly can Russia play in the war on terror?
ANTONOV: I'll give you two examples. First, let's look at the Middle East. We have managed to stop the spread of terror in Syria. It would have been even better to combat its spread throughout the whole of the Middle East.
Secondly, there's Afghanistan. Terrorists there are seriously endangering security, and we are doing everything to ensure that this -- for want of a better word -- filth does not spread to Russia and the countries friendly to us. That is why we are supplying the armies of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan with modern weapons. We are doing everything to make their militaries more effective.
Russia, of course, needs Europe's help. Terrorism aside, the Islamic movement rises and rivals Christianity in many parts of Russia. This poses a threat to the Russian identity.

We are going to have to do something other than Hashtags and Teddy Bear memorials to stop this. Solidarity and moments of silence are meaningless if no action follows them. We pretend to have resolve. We have nothing.


  1. Here's the problem though: our government don't want to stop it. Not unless it affects them personally, which it doesn't. It fits in with their long range plans of "fundamental transformation". If you rubes would just stop complaining about it and let our wise rulers handle everything.

  2. Obama does not want to get it. Doesn't fit his narrative.

  3. Somewhere along the line you need to convince the "head muslim in charge" that the islamists are serious. If you can't do that because of the tango or golf, half the battle will be lost and it will always be a defensive battle or counter punching.

  4. Quote from Jesse Watters today on The Five (caught during 5 minutes of channel surfing):

    "Obama danced in the dark while Belgians died in the streets." That slogan should be on a T-shirt. At the same time, Juan Williams lips are so far up Obama's tuchus these days, it's a miracle he can breathe. His reaction to any criticism of Obama borders on racist. OK, I won't hedge, it IS racist. He's a total apologist for "the brother".

  5. I'd bet Slick Willy would have liked to be Obama for a few minutes.

  6. The Left has chose Islam as the Form of Their Destructor. They think that after the Islamists have destroyed the Western Civilization the Left hates so much, they will just step aside and let the Left create their Earthly Utopia. Their 'atheist' Earthly Utopia. The Islamists should be good with that, right?

    1. I have long accepted how venal the left are, but their persistent stupidity still amazes me.

  7. ...the modern Left and Islam exist in a sado-masochistic relationship: the atheistic Suicide Cult has met the satanic Death Cult of its dreams...

  8. ...the modern Left and Islam exist in a sado-masochistic relationship: the atheistic Suicide Cult has met the satanic Death Cult of its dreams...

  9. The democrats think leadership (and diplomacy) is the ability to write a big check.

    When the left criticized Bush for finishing the book for the school kids before responding to 9/11, and I know it's a small thing, but it was the most illuminating moment for me that the left has absolutely no idea what real leadership looks like because they couldn't recognize a classic example of it right in front of them. They can read about it in a book, but it is purely abstract.

  10. Judging from his responses to terror attacks I can't help but think that Obama actually is on the Islamists' side. - Elric