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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rush: "These are not protests. These are provocations and riots in waiting."

Nearly a year into Trump's candidacy, Rush Limbaugh still is navigating the wake left by the SS Trump. I am amused by but also in awe of Limbaugh's struggle here. On the one hand, Trump is a kindred spirit in fighting The Man. On the other hand, Trump is no poster child for the conservatism that Limbaugh championed. Maybe I read too much into this (and by maybe, I mean likely) but I sense an internal struggle.

There is also the awesome problem of Being Rush Limbaugh. He has to be himself to be a success, but he also has to avoid being careless. Too many people depend on him.

Unlike the subsidized publications that rely on handouts instead of advertising and subscriptions, Limbaugh cannot do a "Against Trump" selfie and post it on Twitter. Limbaugh -- the savior of AM radio -- has too many people depending on him for their livelihood for such vanity. I do not know much about radio,but I remember Howard Stern talking about ratings once. He hated when the Arbitron book came out because if it showed his ratings were down he felt guilty walking by the ad salesmen because he knew he had made their jobs that much tougher. I am sure that Limbaugh feels that same responsibility. He knows he owes his success to his listeners and all those stations that took a chance on him back in the 1980s when AM radio was dead. He takes most serious his obligation to them. That is why he fought painkiller addiction very publicly. And this is why he struggles to get The Donald right.

Like many conservatives (not me) Limbaugh would prefer Ted Cruz. But Trump is the only hope against Clinton. Sometimes Trump makes it easier for Limbaugh and Trump's struggle to rally in Arizona gave Limbaugh a chip shot.

On Monday, Limbaugh was on fire:
This is not a protest, and it's not Trump people.  And if you want to say, "Well, Trump's causing it," you're wrong.  This was my whole point on Friday.  The enemy is not Trump.  The enemy is not Cruz.  The enemy is not Kasich.  The enemy is not any Republican. The enemy is the left, the Democrat Party, the American left.  They are the most destructive force in this country today.  And they are doing whatever they can to create havoc and discomfort, and they want the reaction to be you blaming Trump, or you blaming whoever the Republican happens to be.
They want you blaming Trump for it. "If Trump weren't doing what he's doing, this wouldn't be happening." That's what you are supposed to conclude, and then you're to conclude, "Trump should stop. Trump should get out. Trump's a menace. Trump's this and that."  It isn't Trump doing this.  It is not Trump's people doing this.  It is not Trump supporters.  These are people that are gonna vote for Hillary Clinton doing this.  Or Crazy Bernie or whoever ends up with the Democrat nomination. These are criminal leftists. 
These are not protests. These are provocations and riots in waiting. 
Shutting down a highway as they did is not lawful.  It's not a protest.  It's not dissent.  It is criminality, and it needs to be dealt with as such.  These are private events.  Protests do not have the right to enter and disrupt them.  In no other circumstance would this be tolerated.  You can come up with any number of analogies in addition to the Planned Parenthood, but that is probably a good one 'cause do you know how many people would tolerate something like that?  Zilch.  Even on our side, zilch, zero, nada.
Usually in a political campaign, the Republican leans right in the primary and veers left for the general election.

But I do not think Trump works that way. A big part of his shtick is he is not a politician. I hope as spring (which began Sunday) becomes summer and summer becomes fall, Trump will make Limbaugh's chore much easier. Certainly, Trump's AIPAC speech on Monday night helped.

Both men are highly successful and could retire tomorrow. And yet they fight on. This country is worth saving and even if we disagree on gay marriage, we have to work together to save America. Our parents left us a great nation. We owe our kids the same.


  1. It seems the GOP is the party of ideas and everyone has a different angle. Democrats coordinate their talking points with the media and appear to be more united and on the same page, therefore stronger. But they aren't and they know it. That's why they resort to violence.

    In the words of a famous man, "Why can't we all just get along?" - Elric

  2. Looks like an older photo of Rush you have, Don, or else the photos on his website are out of date.

  3. I can tell you what Rush's internal debate is, and it's a lot liker mine. Rush has always thought character matters in candidates. Mr. Trump does not habitually display good character.

  4. Neither do any of the other candidates on either side.