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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rubio's hands were too small to box with Don

Marco Rubio's exit from the political stage last night put another empty suit back on the rack. Will it be worn again? Maybe. His entire career has been carefully tailored. Breitbart News reported that campaign donors paid $340,000 to Frank Luntz to focus group Rubio's book and book tour in 2006.

The money paid Luntz long ago transformed Rubio into the robo-candidate Republicans liked but did not want.

Evidently focus groups liked hearing that Rubio's father was a bartender, because that is what Rubio said over and over again. He set himself up as the Republican Obama, but with a twist. Instead of being black, he was Hispanic. It was like "I Dream Of Jeannie," which was just like "Bewitched," with a twist. Instead of being a witch, she was a genie.

Rubio's departure included this: “While it is not God's plan that I be president in 2016, or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that I've even come this far is evidence of how special America truly is, and all the reason more why we must do all we can to ensure that this nation remains a special place."

God's plan?

While God shed his grace on thee, America, thine elections are on thee, not He. I do understand the sentiment. I merely believe in freewill. And Rubio chose unwisely.

The Associated Press noted: "In recent weeks, the attacks deviated from policy to personal. At one point, Rubio equated Trump’s small hands with his manhood. But the strategy backfired with voters and donors and Rubio later said he regretted the attacks."

Byron York of the Washington Examiner gave the reasons voters did not like him: Gang of Eight, denying Gang of Eight, working with Chuck Shumer on Gang of Eight, saying rivals were as bad as Gang of Eight, and supporting more immigration.

Rubio could have survived Gang of Eight if he had other accomplishments to fall back on. He did not. He was an up-and-coming legislator running for president. You can fool Democrats with that noise (Kennedy and Obama) but not Republicans.

But the real problem with Rubio is he is processed American cheese. Trump is Limburger cheese. Stinks to high heaven, but by golly it is real.

Elections are -- when done right -- the ultimate in free market decision making. Trump took risks, Rubio did not. Americans do not want an overly cautious president.


  1. Now Marco can spend more time fishing from his boat. Maybe he can catch some charisma. - Elric

  2. “Trump took risks, Rubio did not. Americans do not want an overly cautious president.”
    Overly-cautious certainly describes the current occupant. But a bomb-throwing liberal like Trump? Not so much, we’ve already been pummeled for the Bush 43 actions, even when the actions are necessary and righteous…as a bumper sticker on my FDR-Democrat Mom’s car states: I’m already against the next war. In the eyes of the pansy Democrats and corporatist media, there is no just cause to go to war—ISIS and their ilk can nuke DC and they’ll be “meh, needed remodeling anyway.”

    At this point, I’m coming to terms with the idea that conservative Democrats are creating the Trump candidacy so that the liberal/progressive Democrats can have Clinton the Crook oppose him. Neither person will get the vote of conservatives, so the Democrats win, having both candidates in their corner.

    Then the destruction of the USA will enter its last days and the new, improved Disunited Socialist States of Progressives can begin redefining liberty and open the re-education camps.

  3. Rubio is the Hispanic Charlie Crist, using each elective office as a stepping stone to the next. Campaigning while neglecting his official duties and while being paid out of the public treasury. He even had Crist's work habits: arrive late, leave early and do personal business on public time.

    Hasta la vista, baby!

  4. So where is the straight-forward analysis on Trump that you just did on Rubio? Trump has lots more bullet points that make him a bad politician and a bad man.

    Now I never liked Rubio and the Schumer 8, but then again I have always been anti-Trump even as his casinos were ripping off my employer by running up big A/R balances and walking from them in bankruptcy. That my friends is stealing. There is no denying that Trump's trail of tears has wrecked many lives but the self-appointed spokesmen for the Hive don't care.