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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Robot cars mean no need for speed limits

My wife and I were discussing self-driving cars -- autonomous automobiles -- on the drive back from Morgantown on Saturday. They should arrive just as we become too feeble to drive.

But now Glenn Reynolds has sealed the deal: "Those super-smart autonomous cars of the future should have no trouble staying out of my way when I’m driving 120 mph."

Hell yeah. American freeways will become the autobahn.

Today was another Top Down Day in Poca, West Virginia.

Swing out, sister.


  1. Sorry, Don, but when seniors stop doing things for themselves, their faculties suffer and their health deteriorates very quickly. Think of driving as an investment in your mental health. Keep driving, stay sharp. The human brain needs to be challenged or it atrophies.

  2. Brings back memories. My grandmother clipped a coupon out of a magazine in 1958, sent it in to the Dinah Shore Show. Dinah pulled my grandmother's coupon out of a barrel right on the stage of her show, called Grandma up and told her she had won and to go to her nearest Chevrolet dealer and pick out any Chevrolet she wanted. I rode to the dealership with her a couple days later.

  3. Don't forget, Don, the early adopters are beta testers. Ya puts down yer money, and ya takes yer chances.

  4. What happens when somebody with a smart phone hacks into your car's computer? Will there be a manual override? - Elric

  5. I can't wait. Driving is such a terrible waste of time.