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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Republicans USA! Democrats Hillary!

Watching on television Carly Fiorina endorse Ted Cruz at a rally in Florida today, the crowd erupted in a chant of USA! USA! USA!

The home audience knew what happened. A bunch of trolls tried to interrupt the rally. Thus the chants of USA! to shout down the  protesters.

At Democrat rallies, they chant Obama! Or Hillary!

But hey, do not question their patriotism.


  1. I thought the Hillary/Obama mob shouted "United Nations! United Nations!"

  2. Why aren't Democrats more patriotic? It's been their country for a while.

  3. The Democrats are the Party of the Confederacy. They tried to ununite the states in order to preserve their right to own other people. They've often been less than patriotic.

    Progressives are about Party First. Everything inside the state, nothing outside the state. Party before Country. Party uber allen (party over all).

  4. I always question their patriotism.