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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Question for those who blame Trump for Chicago

Was George Wallace to blame for being shot and paralyzed while campaigning for president in 1972?


  1. The time frame means no polls on the subject yet, but I'd bet this one's blown up in the faces of the Whigs and the One True Ted (or is that distinction without difference these days?).

  2. Wallace said he would normalize relations with Rhodesia, where I lived and which was under international sanctions. South Africa and Israel were the only trading partners left after the Portuguese empire, which was rapidly deteriorating collapsed. If he had been elected, Robert Mugabe would never have happened.

  3. If you were having trouble beating Mussolini's army, it would have been taken as a sign that you're not ready to go up against the Wehrmacht.

    So ... when is Clinton going to finally shake off that Giddy Gerty Commie Sanders?

  4. Yes; he should have understood the dangers of standing in front of a speeding bullet.


    1. Nice snark but not responsive to the question. Should JFK known better than to stand (actually sit) in front of a speeding bullet, or his brother or Dr. King. I suppose "cheers" is what you say as you down another of many cocktails.

  5. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    We can take that question a bit farther and lay it right on the Liberal's doorstep; Was Bobby Kennedy to blame for being shot and killed by Sirhan Sirhan while campaigning for president in 1968?

    Or perhaps, when a Liberal ignores that question we can ask, Was Gerald Ford to blame for the assassination attempt on him in 1975? If so, I suppose that Ronald Reagan really was the one to blame for the assassination attempt on him in 1981 too.