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Sunday, March 20, 2016

More early votes in 2016 Phoenix than in the entire 2012 primary

The Trumpkins have begun to call it the Trump train.

Arizona may already be on board, according to the New York Post.

From the New York Post:
Almost a quarter million Republican ballots have already been cast in Arizona’s largest county, potentially giving Trump a big leg up in the primary, experts say.
“That banking of votes early on does help Trump tremendously, no matter what happens,” said Richard Herrara, a political science professor at Arizona State University. “He’s probably got a pretty sizable lead, so he’s just got to hold on.”
Statistics from Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, show voters in Arizona’s largest county returned 249,703 ballots in the 2016 GOP presidential primary as of Thursday, more than the 248,128 cast for the entire 2012 contest.
Arizona is a big prize because the winner collects all 58 of its delegates.
They are not voting early because they like Washington.

(My money is on Doctor Kelli Ward, a Fairmont, West Virginia, to knock out John McCain.)

Trump called for a wall. The state that fought Obama for the right to defend its borders (a right denied by the Supreme Court) looks to be boarding that train.

This is why President Obama and the Democratic Party are throwing the kitchen sink at him now. They fear that once nominated, they will not be able to stop him.


  1. The Republican "elites" are in there throwing the kitchen sink too. I just read an article by G. Will that thinks the GOP Senators are wrong to oppose BO's SC nominee, then about half way down it turns into an anti-Trump screed.

    1. Wagers are that Will doesn't know much of anything about Garland's opinions. Either Garland is in his social circle or he's in the social circle of someone on Will's rolodex.

  2. McCain is done. Toast. He's like Lute Olson. Just retire and have some fun years. Fish, golf, fix shit around the house, take naps. But no...their profession becomes an obsession. And that is not good. Go Kelli!

    1. McCain takes a great deal of unearned flak. The one issue on which he is truly problematic is his insistence on de facto open borders. (He's supposedly a personally abrasive man with an episodically bad temper, but if you do not work with him, he's not calling you something which rhymes with 'brother trucker'.

      Still, you've identified the problem. Why is an eighty year old man with an ample pension from 55 years of federal employment (and a wife richer than Scrooge McDuck) running for re-election? He's been in Congress for 34 years and the cemeteries are filled with indispensable men.

      It reminds you of Richard Lugar (who is astonishingly limber for a man of 83 - I've met him) insisting at age 80 on another term. Lugar had a family business back in Indiana to repair to if he wanted to keep working. Pat Roberts (employed on Capitol Hill since 1969) could have gone to work for his wife's real estate agency (and quit pretending he lived in western Kansas). Thad Cochran, age 77 and drawing a Capitol Hill salary since 1972 is another example.

      We would really benefit all elected officials (and high appointive officials) compelled to retire at age 76 and subject to provisions requiring rotation in office (no more than 10 years in any bloc of 12 in a given office - they could run for re-election after sitting out a term or two). It would save some of these characters from their more perverse impulses.

    2. Would not assume McCain is toast, though. The most recent poll showing Dr. Ward in the lead was taken last August, and there have been others showing McCain in the lead. McCain, like Lugar, may find himself subject to a humiliating rout because he lacked the grace to depart on schedule.

    3. Thanks. I shall explain this tomorrow

    4. Remember the hand-wringing on Olympia Snowe's retirement? The woman had been in public office for 40 years, she'd been in Congress for 34 years, she was 65 years old, she was due a pension calculated according to the generous pre-1984 rules, and she has both a house and a husband back in Maine. Retiring at that point was perfectly normal behavior. The media blathered on as if it were some strange thing she was doing because of our broken political culture. The Capitol Hill media egg these geezers on for some reason.

  3. I'm registered in AZ as 'No Party Affiliation', meaning as it stands I can't vote in either primary, but I'm leaning to re-registering as a Republican for the sole purpose of voting for Ward. I was once admired McCain. No more. He's a hypocrite with situational ethics (if any ethics at all) who tells lies with the best of them and thinks appearing on local radio sports talk shows will endear him to voters.

  4. Unfortunately Diebold are already programming a Hillary win.

  5. It's long past time for McRINO to retire or be thrown out of office. He quit being a conservative years ago. His little mini-me, Lindsey Graham, needs to go as well.

  6. One good thing on McCain: Support for the A-10