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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

I see what you did there


  1. I'm torn over this wanton act of vandalism. Half of me understands, the other half says it's a sign how far public discourse has fallen.

    1. It is fighting your opponent by their own rules. How can they legitimately complain? They can complain, and probably will, but that shot just sets up the chaser.

    2. When you read my remarks, you saw the trees but not the forest.

  2. It was pointed out somewhere else that by socialist rules, gang rape is legitimate because the majority of the participants approve of it.

  3. Stone cold redistribution; epic trolling.

    - Mikey NTH

  4. In another time and place, Californians put Ronald Reagan's footprints in cement.

    If Hillary Clinton had her druthers, she'd put Bernie Sanders in cement up to his neck.