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Monday, March 21, 2016

Hillary's plan for The Donald will elect him

Donald Trump likely got out of bed at 5 or 6 this morning, scanned the Drudge Report, read the Washington Post story linked as "Hillary begins attack..." and laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

I know I did. The story -- "Here comes the opposition book: Clinton and her allies prepare for Trump" -- is a recipe for disaster for her, not him.

From the article by Anne Gearan and Abby Phillip: "Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and her allies have begun preparing a playbook to defeat Donald Trump in a general-election match up that will attempt to do what his Republican opponents couldn't: show that his business dealings and impolitic statements make him unfit to be commander in chief."

Oh sure, bring up his shady deals, Missus Clinton Foundation.

And yes, let us have the Cuckold-in-Chief lecture us on his "impolitic statements" -- locker room talk -- while America remembers her husband bumbling around the Oval Office with his pants around his ankles and his cigar up his intern.

Stephanie Schriock, president of the pro-abortion Emily’s List said: “You’re a mom and you’ve got your kids sitting on the couch and you watch the nightly news and you’ve got this guy saying things as a presidential candidate that you tell your kids not to say. You don’t call women bimbos; you don’t say that they’re fat.”

The first problem for Schriock is her supporters aborted their children and are not moms.

The other problem is Hillary has called women a little nutty and a little slutty.

But the opposition research continues. David Brock -- who runs a couple of those Citizens United-style PACs that Democrats smear as Satanic -- told the Washington Post: “What the Republicans did was too little, too late. It was petty insults. It was not strategic.”

Ah, yes. Brock and company already burned through $250 million in a futile effort to stop Obama in 2008 and couldn't make Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright or anything else stick. Brock now has 40 years of Trump's press interviews and 150 lawsuits to plumb. I cannot imagine what would work against Trump. Sex scandal? Bill. Shady deals? Clinton Foundation. Bought politicians? The Clintons. Emailing state secrets to the Saudis? Hillary.

From the article:
Implicit in the effort is real worry about Trump’s outsider appeal in a year dominated by working-class anger and economic anxiety. The prospect that Trump could compete for some of the blue-collar voters who have flocked to Sanders, for instance — or to reorder the map of competitive states to include trade-affected Michigan or Pennsylvania — has prompted Clinton’s allies to leave nothing to chance.
Yet they also believe that, although Trump has motivated a loyal plurality of supporters in primary contests, he has limited ability to expand that support once the Republican field clears. Because of the litany of controversial pronouncements he has made, they expect a Trump nomination to make it easier to rally women, Latino and African American voters to turn out for Clinton. In fact, her aides are planning for a historic gender gap between Clinton and Trump.
Given Trump’s own willingness to attack his opponents — and his pivot to going after Clinton in recent days — one clear presumption has emerged about the fall contest: It will be ugly.
That’s one reason the former secretary of state plans to counter Trump with high-road substance, policy and issues, according to one senior campaign aide. The idea is to showcase what Clinton’s backers see as her readiness for the job without lowering her to what they describe as Trump’s gutter.
Ha ha ha, ha ha.

A Clinton taking the high road?

Ready for the job? She was the worst secretary of state until John Kerry came along. Not getting in the gutter? That is where the Clintons live.

Hillary is trying to use 1990s tactics that were outdated in 2008. Even 2008 tactics will not work this year. The race card expired. The Black Lives Matter protests have backfired.

The time to stop Trump was last August, when Hillary was laughing like a hyena at the prospect of his candidacy. He made the 2016 election a Referendum On Donald Trump.

I have to believe after 28 years of post-Reagan incompetence sprinkled with a few fine moments (the reaction to 9/11 and balancing the budget) the majority of Americans are ready for something new.

The Clintons are old.

So far, 16 candidates, the media and the Republican Establishment have tried to stop him using old-fashioned politicking. I saw nothing in the story that showed anything new that the others did not try. And face it, Marco Rubio and the rest were far cleaner than the Ozark Mafia.

What would work is to promise to close the borders, screen people coming into the country, re-visit free trade, and Make America Great Again. People want that. They are willing to overlook everything that is wrong about Trump in order to get Washington focused on their problems.

But we shall see, shall we not?


  1. It seems that the Dems and Republican Elites think that The Donalds' supporters are only angry white men of the blue collar group. I think they are for a very Rude Awaking. I believe that Trump cuts into all demographics, true some more than others, but still a very board base. In the General it will be boarder still.

  2. We live in interesting times. God help us all. - Elric

  3. Ann Althouse has a post on the Sunday shows where the WaPo reporter commented on "all those down scale white guys" supporting Trump.

    I looked up downscale, it means intended for those with low incomes, associated with being mass produced. No doubt a features to avoid in affectations and baubles of the elite.

    However, in the context of elections, I would just point out there are a lot of "low income" individuals and inventory overhang of such mass produced voters is libel to swamp the "front office".

  4. Hillary Clinton has the strategic acumen and tactical flexibility of the French General Staff in 1940.

    - Mikey NTH

  5. Do a little surfing and you'll find articles and videos detailing all the demographics that are supporting her.

    The best thing trump has going for him is that people don't like Hillary.