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Sunday, March 27, 2016

He is risen

He is risen.

I do not care if you are Christian, or Jewish, or Hindu, or Muslim, or Buddhist, or some other religion, but please, take today off from the Internet and politics. It is not worth your life.

Happy Easter.


  1. I plan to do just that, but first I wanted to wish you and yours a Happy Easter.

    He is risen, indeed.

    1. Amen. Big lunch for relatives about to start.

  2. Though not a Christian, I find the Easter holiday a very pleasant day of contemplation. It offers a reminder that the migratory birds who live around here have only a few weeks left to change their plumage and prepare for their departure to their nesting grounds. This is always a bit sad because some of them will not return from their long journey. Those that do return bring relief and joy to our entire community.