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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gingrich on The Donald

Isaac Chotiner of Slate has a terrific interview with Newt Gingrich, who is feisty and pretty much all-in on Trump.

Or Cruz.

"Remember, I came in as a Reaganite, Kempite when I helped lead the effort in 1994. And I have consistently been in favor of a more aggressive, more active Republican Party that reaches out and expands its base and that is very, very idea-oriented. I think Washington is a city with enormous problems. I think we need somebody — and both Cruz and Trump fit this — who is going to break up the old order and insist on real change. It’s not that I am sanguine. This will lead to a period of very real challenges, but I think we need it," Newt told him.

Newt suggested Chotiner read Trump's books: "I have a very simple rule, which applied to Obama, and Bill Clinton, which is that somebody smart enough to get millions of votes is somebody I should study. I have enough humility to believe that maybe they know things I don’t. Here was a guy on the cover of Time magazine in 1989, who had the No. 1 best-selling business book in the 1980s, had the No. 1 television show. There is a rumor that I cannot verify that NBC was offering him $12 million per episode."

I liked this exchange:
CHOTINER: When you hear Trump address subjects like NATO, it doesn’t worry you?
NEWT: No. I read what he said about NATO, and I think it has been grossly taken out of context. What he said about NATO was the Bush-Rumsfeld position, which is that the Europeans ought to pick up more of the slack.
CHOTINER: What about his thoughts on Putin?
NEWT: [Laughs.] He doesn't want to get into a fight with Putin. I don’t know that that is stupid. Putin has 5,000 nuclear weapons. You want to try and defend the Obama fecklessness? All bluster and no performance.
And there was this exchange:
NEWT: Yeah. So Trump has carried it to perfection. The media doesn’t like it but the fact that Trump, if you watch some of the things the media does to Trump, the fact that he fights back doesn’t bother me at all. It’s hardly authoritarianism, for Pete’s sake. Unless you want to say that Margaret Thatcher is an authoritarian, and John F. Kennedy, who you will remember at one point kicked out the New York Herald.
CHOTINER: I didn't know that. For what?
NEWT: He didn't like the coverage so he kicked him out of the White House.
CHOTINER: Well, I don’t approve of that.
NEWT: Of course you don’t. I do. I’m a politician. I thought it was kind of cool. You are the press. We are even.
Gingrich hit on something that is on the edges, that Trump represents something alien to the conservative intellectuals in Washington. His rise repudiates their beliefs -- the very core of who they are. Churlish King Charles Krauthammer deigns night after night to shre his wealth of wisdom on the topics of the day.

The peasantry pushed back. Now it ignores him.

"They are inbred, they talk to each other, they are treating the American people with contempt. Forget Trump. Seventy percent of Republicans between Trump, Carson, and Cruz have repudiated their world. And they are saying, 'Boy, these people are really hicks. They are so stupid they have been taken in.' Well maybe, just maybe, those American people know something the guys in Washington don’t, and frankly, I am on the side of the American people, not the Washington intellectuals," Gingrich said.


  1. I always liked Newt. He smart and capable. I'm sure he'll have a good spot in the Trump Administration. Maybe even Vice President. As VP he would be the President of the Senate, and he knows how to get legislation through Congress. - Elric

  2. I like Newt, but he has a lot of dirty laundry, and the ticket might not need two bomb-throwers.

  3. I like Newt, but he has a lot of dirty laundry, and the ticket might not need two bomb-throwers.

  4. That interview should be an exemplar of how to deal with a hostile, arrogant reporter.

  5. the writing does seem to be on the wall. ...Trump will most certainly beat hillary in the general election - because the attacks by the left/media don't work on him, like they worked on romney and mccain... and I can guarantee you it'll work on Ted Cruz.

    the funny thing about the GOP's resistence to Trump... is that they did/claimed the same things about Ronald Reagan ...that he was a secret liberal/wasn't a true conservative. ...and Reagan set the bar for conservatism ultimately.

    Neither ted cruz, romney, jeb, or mccain are real conservatives if you ask me... Cruz specifically seems to support illegals/immigration and was only against a muslim ban after the GOP realized the majority of americans were tired of illegals f*cking them over.

    ...Cruz was even caught a while back handing out teddy bears with Glenn Beck to illegals.

    1. If you put Cruz in the same group as Romney, McCain, and Jeb you should be ignored.

  6. Newt Gingrich would be an excellent Chief of Staff, or perhaps liaison to Congress. Lots of good advice about mechanics.

    - Mikey NTH