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Friday, March 25, 2016

Former Romney aide: Trump can beat Hillary

Prediction: the next president will be blond.

That solved, the polls show Dukakis beating Bush er, Clinton beating The Donald.

But a top aide of Mitt Romney n his 2012 campaign -- Eric Fehrnstrom -- thinks Trump is the favorite.

From Eric Fehrnstrom:
After adding to his delegate lead in Tuesday’s GOP contests, Donald Trump remains on track to be the Republican nominee for president. The question is, can he beat Hillary Clinton? The answer is, yes. Clinton is threatened by factors that are unexpected, unusual, and unique.
The Brussels terror attack is a reminder of the uniquely terrifying age in which we live. Clinton’s response promising to stand with our allies without proposing any specific answers was unsatisfying. Trump’s call to seal the borders and bring back waterboarding was clear-cut and definitive. It may not appeal to our better angels, but they tend to take flight in times of national peril.
Before the latest wave of terror attacks, The Washington Post quoted a senior Clinton adviser saying she plans to counter Trump with “high-road substance, policy, and issues.” That sounds like Jeb Bush, who was felled by Trump despite having an overwhelming advantage in money, political pedigree, and organization.
Ah Jeb.

Good man.

Great governor.

Lousy candidate. It just was not his year.

And there was this from Eric Fehrnstrom: "What about the minority vote? Trump can’t do much worse than Governor Mitt Romney did in 2012, getting only 6 percent of African-American voters. Hispanics turned off by Trump’s talk of a border wall may vote in greater numbers against him, but their biggest effect will be in states already in the Democratic column: New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and California."

Anyone who follows baseball knows it iss impossible to say in spring training who will win teh World Series.


  1. I wonder what Mitt thinks about Mr. Fehrnstrom's heresy? - Elric

    1. Ultimately, a presidential run is a jobs program for the party operatives and aspiring future party politicians. They attach themselves to campaigns in hopes of getting a good sinecure in the new administration, or even to be a mover/shaker.

      They hooked up with Jeb, but he collapsed leaving the "front-runners" scrambling. Mitt had some juice as the previous nominee but he shot his bolt and failed to even wound the king, so his retainers will be filtering into the night. He's now Bob Dole, aging, good for a quote but no longer a player.

      Now we are here. The "frontrunner" DC GOP operatives are scrambling and have a devil's choice which is why the fantasize about a dark horse establishment candidate at the convention. But really, they hook up with Cruz who obviously has grudges regarding his sinecure in the Bush admin or they try to gain favor with Trump who respects no party retainers list and might, the horror, bring in people from outside the party apparatus for even the below cabinet jobs that really control the agencies.

      Now consider, in 2007, you were a 27 yr old lawyer looking for your future in party politics. So now, you are 35, at your peak, so you'd better hook up with the winner. But consider the mid-30s, low 40s, operative coming out of a low level position in the Bush admin, this is your shot, in 8 years you'll not have the power to remain relevant if you are stuck as a congressional operative while your party has the Presidency.

      The migration to Trump is going to turn into a mass movement soon. Probably before June, as a Rep operative, you are with Trump or you go back to a token law practice without any political juice

  2. I recall reading Trump has a fair number of blacks on his side. Or said to be.

  3. Unlike recent republican candidates Trump will not be afraid to attack directly hillary's many, many weaknesses. If Trump ran in 2012, obama would have been a one term president and the country would have been much better off.

  4. Before November, prior to the election, ISIS WILL successfully carry out a dramatic terrorist attack, possibly multiple "lone wolf" attacks, within the US, the goal of which will be to affect the outcome of the election. And it will remind people why Hillary Clinton should never be elected president. You can be sure the operation is already in the planning stages. And you can be equally sure DHS is unprepared to deal pro-actively with the threat.

    1. Unfortunately I say you have at least a 50% chance of being right. I agree such an attack will benefit trump.

  5. I do not like it but I think HC will be elected, even if wearing an orange boiler suit and a GPS monitor.

    Perhaps a Cruz-Trump ticket?

  6. Sure hope they are wrong about CO, but probably not.

  7. Polls in 1948 showed Dewey swamping HST, and in 1980 they showed Carter beating Reagan right up until election day.

    Today people equate favorability with electability. If the voters wanted the most likable candidate Jeb! would be leading the pack. The voters want an outsider who can get things done. Trump has that image, Shrillary does not.