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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ex Clinton Mistresses For Trump

We can all assume that the women Bill Clinton abused or harassed over the years, such as Paula Jones, do not want his wife elected.

But what about his former mistresses, women who willingly had sex with him? Well Miss Arkansas 1958 -- Sally Miller -- apparently opposes a restoration of the Clinton Regime.

She posted on Facebook:
LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM, Trump’s political run has forced Americans to see, once again, the corrupt and nasty Democrats for who they really are. Best of all, Trump forced the two-faced Republicans to come out of hiding and show their true colors.
Trump’s candidacy has thrown open the outhouse door so we can “See and Smell” the vileness inside Congress.
It took Trump stepping forward and putting a spotlight on Career Politicians to reveal their lazy, shallow, and low-life ways!!!! And, it took Trump’s Presidential Bid to expose the phony label “Fair and Balanced” — so smugly flaunted by FOX NEWS.
Yes, Americans, like him or not, It takes a Donald J. Trump to sound the TRUMPET!!!!!
Trump, Trump, HE’s my man….If he can’t do it….nobody can!!!!!!
Her return to the spotlight from an obscure footnote in history is a reminder that it was not Donald John Trump who lowered the level of the presidential election in the United States. We went there a quarter-century ago. Say what you may about Bush 43 and Obama, but they avoided this gutter.


  1. 15 minutes of fame... - Elric

  2. That's at least 3, including Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey.

    Didn't a couple others also support him?

  3. It's an Army of Monicas! (tm)