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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Democratic congresswoman may be under investigation

First, let me get this off my chest: The Jacksonville Times-Union is terrible. In a police story, the newspaper failed to identify DEMOCRATIC Congresswoman Corrinne Brown as a DEMOCRAT.

I am tired of this Name That Party nonsense. (Explanation of term at the end of the post.)

In the age of the Internet,, when newspapers are trolling for hits online, you can no longer use the excuse that everyone knows what party the local elected official is in.

Now then, from the story -- at WJXT:
The head of a Virginia organization that U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown has called a "charity" pleaded guilty Friday to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, according to two legal documents filed in federal court. 
Brown is not mentioned by name in the court filings, which involves a group called One Door for Education, in Leesburg, Virginia. 
According to one of the documents, Carla Wiley pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and agreed to cooperate with federal investigators. 
According to the group's website, it manages the Amy Anderson Scholarship Fund.
Under text that reads, "We make your education dreams a reality through events and fundraisers," are a nine, three of which include Brown.
Hillary Clinton may get a cellmate....

And yes, WJXT also failed to mention that Brown is a DEMOCRAT.

Explanation: Name That Party is a term I first encountered at (although a few people attribute it to me). It refers to news reports about political scandals in which if the miscreant is Republican the party is mentioned in the first three paragraphs, while if it is a Democrat, it is buried or ignored. Thus the default is that if the party is not mentioned by the end of the third paragraph, the crook is a Democrat. Oh excuse me, alleged crooked, nasty, evil, vile thief is a Democrat.


  1. Everyone in Jacksonville knows COR-rine is a Democrat.

  2. She is a Florida fan.

  3. My bad; I've always attributed Name That Party to you. Musta missed the Lucianne attribution at the time.

  4. Is she related to RuPaul? - Elric


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