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Friday, March 25, 2016

Dear Never Trump

Dear Never Trump:

I defend your right to organize and do all you can to derail the nomination of Donald John Trump. Use all the tricks you want. And when you lose in Cleveland you will have two choices: Trump or Hillary.

You may not like those choices, but life does not owe you all the choices you want.

I am sticking to the facts.

The fact is, all last summer you warned me that Trump was using the Republican Party. You made him sign a pledge to stay in the party. He signed.

The fact is, he emerged the winner in a field of 17 candidates.

The fact is, you want to renege on the pledge.

The fact is, he is drawing Democrats to the party in numbers not seen since Reagan ran in 1980.

The fact is, he has 7,811,245 votes, and his nearest rival has 5,732,220.

The fact is, he has 739 delegates, and his nearest rival has 465.

The fact is, he has a 67 percent or better chance of getting a majority of the delegates.

The fact is, he is self-funded, which is a problem for what Phyllis Schlafly calls the Donor Class.

The fact is, he is a conservative. Pro-gun? He and his sons acquired rare New York weapons permit for years. Pro-life? A little late to the game, but we need converts. Balanced budget? He is under his own budget by $50 million. Strong on the military. Strong on law enforcement.. Strong on immigration control.

And that latter is what this really is all about: Immigration control. The moneyed interests do not want it. And that includes Fox News owner Sir Rupert Murdoch,, and likely those donors who keep the National Review alive. In 60 years, the magazine never made money. Never. I find it odd that a conservative publication does not participate in capitalism.

I also am coming to grips with the reality that foundation conservatives -- those who work for "non-profits" -- are just as out-of-touch as those working for the liberal foundations. Each is conducting utopia in a test tube. We suffer as the guinea pigs for their airy theories. No, free trade has not benefited most of America. DC and NYC maybe, but not Flyover America.

Upset that The Donald went after Heidi Cruz? Well, the National Review is a fine one to talk considering the magazine recently called to deport Trump. It also called him an ape, et cetera. It called Trump Hitler -- excuse me, Father F├╝hrer -- in its latest issue. I am not rationalizing his behavior. He is what he is. I wish we had a better candidate. We don't.

But this is not about Trump. This is about Hillary. You want her as president? Then vote for her. A vote for a third-party candidate or staying home is chicken droppings. It amounts to almost the same thing, but it is the kind of passive-aggressive nonsense we expect from liberals.

I, however, will vote for the Republican -- even if Republicans steal the nomination. I was going to skip the election, but defeating Hillary is too important for games.

Remember that.

It is either you support the Republican nominee, or you support Hillary. There is no principle other than to stop the madness in Washington. Cruz slows it down but Trump will end it. And that is what really strikes fear among most of the Never Trump crowd.


  1. It seems Trump has learned a great deal from Obama. The more you get the opposition to hate you, the more your popularity grows. Had the right shown Obama for his true political weaknesses and shallowness, President McCain would be dealing with Brussels right now. Instead, the right was so hell bent on conjuring up wild azz conspiracy theories to discredit Obama, that it brought the minority voters out of the woodwork to elect him. Remember, as George Will pointed out - which was noted in this blog - McCain and Romney received just as much as the white male vote as previous Rs who were elected to the White House.
    Trump is brilliant, he doesn't have to show he has a grasp on policy - cause he doesn't - he just has to get his detractors all riled up and then play the victim. Like Obama, he is bringing the anti-establishment voters out of the woodwork. I've been waiting for many years for someone like Trump to come out of woodwork and bring down the Washington elite - Ds and Rs - alike. Too bad Trump is bat-crap crazy. You're right Surber, can't always everything you want.

  2. Amen. Too bad others don't see it a clearly as you. I listen to the talking heads and read other blogs and all I get is crap on a platter.

  3. Trump will end the madness in D.C.? I thought you had a better grasp of national politics than that.
    Now that Trump is on the way to alienating most female voters and losing the election (although we might want to wait until the primary process is over before crowning him) we real conservatives will just have to hibernate for another eight years.

  4. Maybe we should stop calling the GOP the Stupid Party and start calling it the Suicide Party. - Elric

  5. Trump - basically just as corrupt and liberal as Hillary with the added "benefit" of being wildly unstable.

    Nope, won't have that vote on my conscience.

    1. Fellow Anon - Not sure I would say Trump is "as corrupt and liberal" as Hillary but I agree 100 percent that Trump is "wildly unstable."
      That's what I fear with Trump as president. When he can't have his way or when someone disagrees with him, we all know how he regresses to that of a 7-year old spoiled brat. As president, when he doesn't get his way all the time - and he won't by any means - how will his volatile temper play out on the domestic and international stages. I fear he is going to usurp the Constitution like no other president and stretch our military beyond its capabilities.

  6. Anonymous - You have a Republican House, Senate, and the possibility of a Republican President (despite all his drawbacks!) and you are willing to throw it away because you're too pure, too lily white to vote for Trump? That's insanity on your part.

    1. Trump is Republican in name only. For once, Rs (or non Re Rs) can live with supporting a RINO.

    2. Republican House and Senate? Huh? Senate goes back to DEM's easily if Trump is nominee. House lead narrows but might hold on to slim majority.

  7. Trump will introduce a new kind of madness--some of his, and a pod of whales' lot from everybody else.

    TV, Recliner, Popcorn!

  8. Fantastic piece Don. You speak for me, completely. This same train of thoughts has bubbling in my head for months now and you just wrote it so THANK YOU!!

  9. As I read the comments posted by readers here, I am struck by how many Conservatives, nominally Republican voters, are so afraid the GOP will be victorious in November with Trump as the party's nominee that they actually prefer to sabotage his campaign and hand the election over to Clinton (or to whomever the Democrats choose as their nominee, most likely Biden I think).

    It makes no sense to me. The Democrats have made oh so clear they are intent on turning the America we were bequeathed by the Founding Fathers into a European style socialist "utopia" in which all are equally miserable, equally poor, equally unfree. Today, in fact, we learn that our inarticulate socialist/fascist president, who on a global good-by tour at our expense, is promoting socialism to the world. Pimping for Bernie, is he?

    We don't need, we can't stand, to have another 4 years of Democrat control of the White House. What the country needs is to veer off the road to the Democrats' socialist "paradise". To Trump deniers, I say, Be not afraid, Trump WILL turn out to be a much better president than you are imagining now.

    1. Amen, brother.

    2. We are not afraid he'll be victorious. We are quite certain he will lose. If he's the nominee we are looking at a Mondale type shellacking.

    3. I agree with Anonymous. For all the bloviating about polls that Trump has done, I dont hear much about his bad and getting worse numbers matched up with Hillary. Choosing Trump appears to be the only way to elect her...

  10. I'm listening to Mark Levin the last few minutes going on as if it's the Cruz camp against everyone else. This is not the way to win.
    If Trump gets the nomination, I'll vote for him. If Cruz does, I'll vote for him. It's pretty vitriolic out there. Thanks for providing an opportunity and perspective that doesn't make me grit my teeth.

  11. "This is how Trump-ism works. The disheartening reality for journalists is that the Republican presidential front-runner and his allies are getting frighteningly good at forcing them down roads they have tried to avoid." WAPO