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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cruz cover-up

The Never Trump forces are crushed. Saint Rafael ain't.

And despite Ted Cruz blaming Trump for the National Enquirer exposing Cruz as a serial adulterer, the culprit appears to be someone in the Marco Rubio campaign.

This story has legs, and not the kind you see on five bimbos. It ain't just the sex, but the cover-up. Cruz's owners -- excuse me, donors -- paid off Carly Fiorina to hush up about Cruz's adultery.

First, several online publications report Rubio's pals spilled the beans.

From the Daily Beast:
The truth behind the rumor-mongering, however, is a little more complex. A half-dozen GOP operatives and media figures tell The Daily Beast that Cruz’s opponents have been pushing charges of adultery for at least six months now — and that allies of former GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio were involved in spreading the smears.
For months and months, anti-Cruz operatives have pitched a variety of #CruzSexScandal stories to a host of prominent national publications, according to Republican operatives and media figures. The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg News, Politico, and ABC News — reporters at all those outlets heard some version of the Cruz-is-cheating story. None of them decided to run with rumors. Those publications’ representatives all declined to provide on-the-record comments when The Daily Beast reached out for this article.
Breitbart News, the notoriously Trump-friendly conservative outlet, was also pitched the story of Cruz’s extramarital affairs, according to a source close to the publication. That source said an operative allied with Marco Rubio — but not associated with his official campaign — showed the publication a compilation video of Cruz and a woman other than his wife coming out of the Capitol Grille restaurant and a hotel on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But the outlet opted not to report on the video, which demonstrated no direct evidence of an affair.
“We got it from a Rubio ally,” said the source. “It was too thin, so [Breitbart’s Washington political editor Matt Boyle] decided not to run it. There was no way to verify the claims.”
The National Enquirer of course had the contacts and the resources to flush out the story. Broadsheet journalists sneer, but Tiger Wood, Gary Hart and John Edwards do not.

From Slate:
According to The Daily Beast, “for months and months, anti-Cruz operatives have pitched a variety of #CruzSexScandal stories to a host of prominent national publications.”
One such outlet was Breitbart News, which was shown “a compilation video of Cruz and a woman other than his wife coming out of the Capitol Grille restaurant and a hotel on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” a source inside the publication told The Daily Beast. (Leave it to a politician to keep a standardized booty call schedule.)
The Breibart source confirmed that they’d received the video from “a Rubio ally,” but ultimately decided against running the story because, “There was no way to verify the claims.”
Cruz today issued a statement more or less implying Trump and “his political henchmen” planted the Enquirer expose.
Trump, for his part, denied Cruz’s counter-allegations, maintaining his ignorance of the whole thing while ham-handedly throwing jabs at “Lyin’ Ted Cruz.
“I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer,” Trump wrote in a statement posted to his Facebook page, “and unlike Lyin’ Ted Cruz I do not surround myself with political hacks and henchman and then pretend total innocence.”
Absent in this still-unfolding story is a motive for a Rubio “ally” — whatever that means — to run a smear campaign against Cruz, unless it’s true and the suspended Rubio campaign anointed itself the role of morality police.
Pretty good stuff. But US News and World Report did what broadsheets are good at: Following the money:
Another of Cruz's purported lovers outed by the Internet is Sarah Isgur Flores, who worked for former Republican presidential contender Carly Fiorina. The former Hewlett-Packard CEO briefly challenged Trump for the lead in the race, but she dropped out of the campaign in February.
Last July, a Cruz-affiliated super PAC donated $500,000 to Fiorina's campaign, without explanation -- a highly unusual move that is being reexamined in light of the Enquirer's report about Cruz's indiscretions. And Fiorina made a highly publicized last-minute endorsement of Cruz in the final days before the Florida primary, helping him come in a respectable second to Trump and keeping his White House hopes alive.
Looks like Fiorina had a price, and Cruz has a problem keeping it zipped. Yes, America is really looking forward to four years of Bimbo Eruptions.


  1. I will be greatly disappointed if it turns out to be true. As will others.

  2. Wow, so US News is backing up the payoff allegations.

    Wouldn't have imagined that.

  3. Part of the attraction for Trump amongstvevangelicals that are not a part of the officialdom of the movement is his relative immunity where this is concerned. These people have been burned too many times. The difference with Cruz is that he has been selling himself to leadership in the movement thinking that this will bring along the "sheep", so to speak. Those sheep don't listen to their shepherds as much as they used to. In fact the distrust of those who are considered insiders is not confined to political establishments, but is a generalized phenomenon. Do the powers that be think that no one noticed David Vitter going down in flames in Louisiana? The average Republican voter sees Beck as a television evangelist with a website now. Many of them probably see Cruz in the same light now. Once that has impression has been made in someone's mind it's pretty hard to erase. I don't think people want Jimmy Swaggart running the country.

    1. Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

      - Mikey NTH

  4. Lyin Ted holds the bible up with one hand Then puts it down and starts lying

    1. Exactly...the "anointed by God" comment or whatever it was Ted said is starting to smell like VERY dirty laundry...but hey, as brutal as the primary has been, it's definitely vetting...

  5. Ted's response is totally out of place for an innocent man wronged.
    Why would a successful lawyer demonize his political opponent instead of threatening to file a lawsuit against the publication?

  6. Cruz probably knew it was coming out and decided to blame Trump. After blaming Trump for the protests in Chicago, the terrorism in Brussels, I'm not surprised that he thinks he can float the idea that Trump can restructure the editorial content on a national magazine with a few days notice and without significant proof. After all, anyone that can manipulate people to shut down his own free speech, and inspiring terrorists to come up with a plan to kill in Brussels in less than 24 hours because they can't stand the idea of a dissolved NATO, it's not a stretch to imagine Trump used his magic powers to turn around a national publication on a dime with a false story so they can be sued like Gawker.

    Cruz thinks his supporters are stupid.

  7. I couldn't care less how many affairs Cruz had. But he is delusional if he thinks they wouldn't come out.