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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cruz acts guilty

Six years ago, CNN dumped Cuban-born Rick Sanchez's prime-time in favor of a show starring a conservative sellout Kathleen Parker and serial adulterer Eliot Spitzer called "Parker Spitzer," perhaps the worst 60 minutes on prime-television in the 2010-2011 season. On his last day, they fired Sanchez for mocking Jewish people during an interview on a Sirius XM.

But he's telegenic and witty and employable. His freelance work includes a column on Fox News's Latino web site. He had an interesting take on Ted Cruz's scandal -- or what Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit calls the Cuban Mistress Crisis.

From Rick Sanchez:
Let me begin with this. If the National Enquirer wrote a story about me cheating on my wife with five women, I had better be extremely definitive in my response; because if I’m not, my wife – smelling the guilt – would kick my ass. OK, let me also tell you that I wouldn't be angry; in fact, I’d be ecstatic. It’s fun to count money from guaranteed punitive and compensatory damages in a multi-million dollar lawsuit.
But that’s me. I can’t speak for Senator Ted Cruz except to say that so far his reaction seems — well, not exactly definitive. He calls it “garbage and false,” not exactly a denial. Then he plays the victim, calling it an attack on his family; “offensive to Heidi and me, they’re offensive to our daughters,” he writes.
Actually, it’s not an offense aimed at your wife or your daughters; it’s aimed at you, Senator. Then, there’s the attack on Donald Trump.
“Donald Trump’s consistently disgraceful behavior is beneath the office we are seeking and we are not going to follow,” says Cruz. Seriously Senator, you’re accused of cheating with five women and you’re attacking Donald Trump? Sounds like an O.J. defense to me — just point at Mark Fuhrman and hope everyone will look away.
Let me be clear. I don’t know if Senator Cruz has been completely faithful to his wife or has slept with every aide he’s ever laid his eyes on. What I do know is that because he’s positioned himself as the evangelical candidate, he best leave no wiggle room in his response. And thus far, I see a ton of wiggle and jiggle.
Sanchez is not alone in finding Cruz's reaction too canned.

Via News Busters, MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show mocked Cruz.
JOE SCARBOROUGH: So Mika, I have a question. When Ted Cruz practices --
JOE: -- every single word he says, do you think he has just one mirror he practices to, or is it like a --
SAM STEIN: No: three-way
JOE: -- a three-way thing where he goes [gestures], because last week he turned and pointed -- 
MIKA: I think he makes his children sit in a circle and he says "children, when I finish speaking, applaud." And he feels it and then he learns -- oh, my God, is it just me? 
JOE: No, it's not you. David Axelrod --
MIKA: It makes me crazy.
JOE: David Axelrod tweeted last week, said "How could it be that even when he's defending the honor of his wife it seems so staged?" You know, he was saying -- and it was -- and then he turned and pointed his fingers. It was -- 
MIKA: I'm sorry. 
JOE: It was bad, bad acting. I just -- 
MIKA: We are right now criticizing and ridiculing the presentation of a male candidate. Just for the record.
JOE: That's just very sexist of you, Mika. Very sexist of you.
MIKA: I know.
Axelrod may be an A-hole, but I agree with his comment, "How could it be that even when he's defending the honor of his wife it seems so staged?"

Once upon a time in America -- before the media anointed Barack Obama with perfection and Donald Trump, no one in their right mind would mistake a lightweight like Ted Cruz -- or Marco Rubio -- for a serious presidential candidate. Johnny Carson would have eaten them alive. They accomplished nothing. At least Cruz has a platform. But little else.

I think we know Cruz did it. And I think we all know Heidi Cruz is the DC version of Silda Spitzer.

Oh wait. We already have one of those. Her name is Hillary.

Most of us have wives like Missus Sanchez. We are lucky.

Maybe Bill and Ted can do a cover of Julio Inglesias and Willie Nelson's "To All The Girls I've Loved Before." It would be an excellent adventure.


  1. I remember a song parody that supposedly had Bill Clinton singing the above song with Willie Nelson. - Elric

  2. I couldn't care less how many women Cruz had affairs with. That's between he and his wife. But his thought that he could keep this under wraps is delusional.

  3. Does this mean Heidi will be running against Hillary instead of Ted?