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Saturday, March 05, 2016

CPAC update

Trump disappointed the CPAC crowd who wanted to stage a walkout on him on Saturday. Instead, he canceled. The few people I know in that crowd are telling people The Donald decision deflated the crowd like Tom Brady on a football.

Meanwhile, Trump is drawing crowds, telling jokes and flying home to his model wife to his palatial penthouse each night.

It's over, folks. Save your pennies to buy the post-nomination book I am writing. For Trump, against him, you will love this book. Really, it will be so good that I may name it Surber Tower.


  1. If you only read one book this year ... you really ought to consider a speed reading class.

    1. My speed reading book is right next to my memory improvement book. If I could only remember where I put them.

  2. Write faster. I'll buy one for my enjoyment and one for a family member who is a Hillary supporter that I'd like to tweak. The book has to come out before the election in November and before Hillary is indicted, whichever comes first.

  3. The Donald is showing his prescience again. The more The Establishment try to make him look bad, the better he looks. I'm embarrassed for Marco Rubio's choreographed and childish attacks. - Elric

  4. Hello, Don

    Matthew Thomas here. I think you'll be proven incorrect.
    Cruz will win the Republican nomination and the Presidency.

    Although it's true that Cruz lacks Reagan's charisma, he's the intelligence and resolve to defend, explain and promote conservative/constitutional principles better than anyone since. As the nomination comes down to Cruz and Trump, Cruz's intellect, considerable abilities and honorable character will be made manifest to more and more voters just as Trump's weaknesses and disingenuous character become better understood by more and more primary voters.

    Secondly, no question that Cruz has made all the right enemies - he's despised by the Republican party elites, hated by the media and is feared by the Left. The party despises him because they know he truly means to stop both parties' long-standing practice of divying up the spoils after an election and the subsequent looting of the Federal treasury (they only care which side wins in the hopes that it's "their people" whom get to loot the treasury vs. the other side getting to do it). The media hate him because he does not share their cultural Marxist outlook or abject nihilism and the Left fear him because they realize he's unafraid of them and their SJW army of useful idiots. The Left full well understands that Cruz would utterly wipe the floor with them when debating the primacy of free market capitalism vs. their Socialist claptrap talking points. Should Cruz gain the bully pulpit of the presidency, the Left is terrified that he may well send their Socialist/Marxist ideology to the ash heap of history where it has belonged for so long now.

    IMHO, Cruz represents the best opportunity to restore the country its constitution. We've only had two willing to do this in over a hundred years, Coolidge and Reagan. I, therefore, pray we choose Cruz. At 45 years old, Cruz could well be my only opportunity to vote for a president whom really does believe in the Constitution and ALL that it says.

    Don't miss understand, if I'm proven wrong and Trump wins nomination, I will certainly vote for him.

    Take care,

    1. They're both good.

    2. Agreed. They are both a damn sight better than any Democrat or Republican Party hack.


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