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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Civil rights icon endorses Trump

Mississippi holds its Republican primary on Tuesday. At this point, the race is over. The bookies in London have paid off the bets. We are just waiting for John Kasich, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to get over themselves and admit defeat.

Nevertheless, a 93-year-old man plans to make one last rally on Monday when Trump appears in Madison, Mississippi. Charles Evers has endorsed The Donald: "I believe in him first of all because he's a businessman. I think jobs are badly needed in Mississippi,"

Evers is the older brother of Medgar Evers. They served in the Army in World War II, and worked actively for the NAACP in the 1950s, putting their lives on the line to end segregation. An assassin gunned Medgar Evers down with a bullet to the back of his head on June 12, 1963. Evers was delivering T-shirts that read, "Jim Crow Must Go." The hospital in Jackson, Mississippi refused treatment because he was black. His family explained who he was and he was admitted, but within an hour he died.

Charles Evers carried on the work. During the war, he had fallen in love with a Filipino woman but could not marry her because Mississippi law did not recognize such marriages. After his brother's murder, Charles Evers returned from civil rights work in Chicago to work in Mississippi. He ran for mayor of rural Fayette, Mississippi, in 1969 and won, becoming the first black mayor in that state since Reconstruction. He had abandoned the Democratic Party in favor of being independent. In 1978, he became a Republican, which he remains today.

From the Clarion Ledger:
Evers said he doesn't feel the U.S. should be obligated to provide support for undocumented immigrants.
Evers added that he also respects Trump for his faith and that he plans to attend Monday's rally in Madison. Evers said that if he has the chance to speak with Trump he wants to pitch bringing a catfish processing plant to Mississippi.
"Our catfish is shipped to China and brought back for us to buy. Put a catfish farm here."  A website for The Catfish Institute, based in Jackson, lists more than half a dozen U.S.-certified catfish processors in the state.
Mitch Tyner chairman of the Mississippi Donald Trump Committee in a news release Friday named Evers as a member of the candidate's state campaign team along with Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler.
Evers endorsed Reagan in 1980.

But hey, Trump is no Reagan.

Meanwhile, my post-nomination book progresses apace. You are going to love it.


  1. So I guess the Dems will now attack this Man as an Oreo. He has walked the walk and talked the talked, and has suffered for it. Sounds like a good, strong man. Hillary does not have the black vote all sewed up.

  2. Fascinating ... this will annoy all the good liberals who prefer their black folk to sit up straight and have socially acceptable, approved opinions. But only conservatives and Trumpkins are racists. Remember that, rubes.

  3. There's a reason why Trump is getting so many black and Hispanic votes.

    It's because he knows that you should always back a horse called Self Interest.

    At least you know it's trying.


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