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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

CEOs are the new SJWs

Evidence emerges that Chief Executive Officers are the newest recruits for Social Justice Warriors. Why not? They are mainly white and male and college educated. They do not want trouble from Occupy Wall Street. And CEOs sure do not want to be Brendan Eich-ed. Mozilla forced him out as CEO because he made a $1,000 contribution to the Proposition 8 campaign

Which passed.

In California.

Got that? A majority of Mozilla's customers wanted to ban homosexual marriage and the board still forced him out.

Wal-Mart's CEO is an SJW.

The SJWs in corporate offices include all the Hollywood studios, naturally.

But the NFL pressured Republican Governor Nathan Deal to veto a bill that protects Christians and members of other religions from being forced to go against their beliefs.

The NBA is demanding North Carolina allow boys in girls locker rooms or else the NBA will take its ball and go home for an all-star game.

Now there is this from the New York Times:
Some of the country’s best-known corporations are nervously grappling with what role they should play at the Republican National Convention, given the likely nomination of Donald J. Trump, whose divisive candidacy has alienated many women, African-Americans and Hispanics.
An array of activist groups is organizing a campaign to pressure the companies to refuse to sponsor the gathering, which many of the corporations have done for both the Republican and Democratic parties for decades.
The pressure is emerging as some businesses and trade groups are already privately debating whether to scale back their participation, according to interviews with more than a dozen lobbyists, consultants and fund-raisers directly involved in the conversations.
Apple, Google and Walmart are among the companies assessing their plans for the convention, which will be held in Cleveland from July 18 through July 21.
Face it, gigantic corporations love the government, which protects them with regulations that insulate them from competition, as well as giving them billions in subsidies and tax breaks.

They do not want Donald Trump to rein in the federal government.



  1. If the GOP was worth a bucket of warm spit, the heads of Disney, NFL, and NBA would find themselves defending lawsuits in 20 states while fighting in DC to maintain their monopoly privileges.

  2. WalMart is at its worst standing in the markets in 25 years, thanks to the Lefty geniuses that run it.

  3. NYT: "...given the likely nomination of Donald J. Trump, whose divisive candidacy has alienated many women, African-Americans and Hispanics." Editorializing again. Leftists uber alles!

  4. Corporate CEOs know which way the political winds blow. They need government to grease the wheels, implement favorable tax policies for them, and quash competition - especially competition from small business. So they need to stay on the right side of the River Crony.

  5. We need to have a big honking convention of all the SJWs - so we can field test a medium yield nuclear device. - Elric