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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Britain enters baby parts market

Move over, Planned Parenthood. You have competition coming from the British government.

From Tru News, a Christian news site:
Pregnant women may soon be forced to make a difficult decision – to abort their babies or giving up their organs after birth.
National Health Service is proposing that women be "supported" to carry the child to term for the sole purpose of harvesting the baby’s organs. There is currently a shortage of donated organs, according to The Express. The mother could choose not to have their child's organs removed by choosing abortion instead if tests during pregnancy determined the baby may have a birth defect.
In some cases, if the mother has agreed to donation, a "brain dead" baby could be kept alive so their organs are "fresh" when doctors remove them.
The idea was unveiled at a medical conference at the British Transplantation Society in Glasgow, according to the Daily Mirror.
An NHS representative talked to Mail Online and promised women would not be pressured.
A committee has been set up by NHS Blood and Transplant to promote more organ donation from newborns and babies. Doctors wish to harvest the organs of about 100 babies a year, up from 11 in the past two years.
There is a market for baby body parts. Last year in the U.S. it was revealed through a series of undercover videos that Planned Parenthood sold the organs from aborted children to researchers.
Pretty disgusting.

Yes, Nazis did this sort of thing.


  1. If there's still a shortage after this, the next step is forced pregnancy. What could go wrong?

  2. Actually I think the Nazis would have been appalled at this.