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Monday, February 22, 2016

Will Boris Johnson now have sex with a vacuum cleaner?

Most of my readers could not care less about British politics. However, the announcement of Boris Johnson that he supports leaving the European Union is amusing.

For decades Ukip, a political party headed until recently by the wry Nigel Farage, has advocated leaving the European Union. Our intellectual and moral superiors denounced Farage as Hitler and Ukip as Nazis. In short, Farage was called everything they call Trump. Now Johnson agrees with Ukip.

From Sky News:
Boris Johnson has revealed he will campaign for Britain to leave the EU in a major blow to the Prime Minister.
The decision by the London Mayor ends months of speculation and represents a huge coup for the Leave campaign, given his broad appeal among voters.
Now to be sure Johnson has not joined Ukip. He just agrees with them.

Still his defection reminds me of this story from the Evening Standard on September 29, 2014: "Boris Johnson has made a bizarre jibe at Tories thinking of defecting to Ukip -- saying they are the kind of people who have sex with vacuum cleaners."

By the way, Boris should put on a MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN and run for prime minister.

The Boris.


  1. My vote still goes for Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel of the Silly Party. - Elric

  2. Boris knows if brexit passes Cameron will be pressured to resign and Boris will then have a shot at becoming PM, or so I'm told by some Brit friends. He is much more a political animal than DT

  3. Boris is there Trump. And this will not help Cameron. We like England, visit every other yr or so. I read the Daily Mail everyday on line. The England we saw 30 yr ago is not the England of today. Soon statutes of Richard the Lion Hearted will be torn down and replaced the a statue of Saladin.

  4. Britain needs Europe like a man needs a vacuum cleaner.

  5. Boris has seen the light, and the light is NOT in Brussels.

  6. Like it or lump it, strange sexual perversions are British normal. Boris Johnson knows his people. He likely has sex with vacuum cleaners himself.

  7. I watch the news from Good Britain a lot. They are in fact a country that would have to be made Great again because they sure aren't now. The Mighty Royal Navy is now more the Royal Coast Guard and Britannia barely rules itself.

    Of course, GREXIT will probably trigger Scotsit since Scotland is hard left and wants to be ruled by Brussels. The purge of Labor from Scotland by the Scottish National Party pretty much guarantees it.