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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trump humor

Every day I say I will not post about Trump.

Every day I fail.


  1. By posting about Trump everyday, you fall into his hypnotizing trance like the media. Most of what Trump says would be ridiculed and scorned if it was said by anyone else. Yet, when Trump makes deeply personal attacks against so many or outlandish claims, it is deemed "humor."

    Still don't understand why Trump gets a free pass from bloggers and the MSM?

    1. The MSM gives him a free pass?

    2. Sam L. email me at

  2. Free pass? My Twitter feed has a steady stream of conservative and MSM anti-Trumpers.
    John Nolte at Breitbart, Coulter, Scarborough and Gateway Pundit do give him his due. I'd say it is 2-to-1 against on conservative side. Down from 3-to-1 in November