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Friday, February 12, 2016

Sexist of the day

Laura June writes a mommy blog for New York Magazine. These are the quotes from her latest post:
I’m Voting for Hillary Because of My Daughter.
And yet, until she conceded defeat, I stuck with Hillary for the simple reason that she is a woman. 
I did it for my newly dead mother, who would have loved to see the day when a woman became POTUS.
This is how I was raised: to vote for women if viable, rational women were on the ticket.
I get that a lot of people — including many extremely intelligent women — think this is a very dumb way to choose a candidate to support. It is on some level extremely radical to say: “I will vote for her because of her gender.” Anytime you suggest that one thing — gender or race, especially — trumps all else in your voting book, people will be very annoyed. Those who disagree with this strategy often default to worst-case scenarios: “So you’d vote for Sarah Palin simply because she is a woman?” To that I’d say: “Of course not; stop being difficult to make a point.” Of course the candidate needs to share my values. But given two candidates of roughly the same values — one a man and one a woman — I think it is perfectly rational to choose the woman because she is a woman. Always.
I forgot that I vote for women. Always. I took for granted some sense of equality. The world has changed so much in the past 15 years, surely Hillary Clinton doesn’t need my vote so much, does she?
after several months of thinking, Well, I think I’ll probably vote for Bernie Sanders — that I am going to support and vote for Hillary, and that it is important for me to say this aloud to my friends and family. I’m going to vote for Hillary Clinton, because she is a woman. 
This is even more important to say aloud now, I think, in light of her defeat in New Hampshire, where it is clear that she lost many women's votes to Sanders.
Once or twice, watching her stand on that stage, I thought I saw her feel something I have felt many times in my adult life as a woman, and the best way I can describe it is to say that she looked like she was going to laugh maniacally, explode, cry, and throw up all at the same time. 
I saw for the first time the thing we have in common: We are both women. And that was enough, because I have never seen that look in Bernie Sanders eyes, because Bernie Sanders is not a woman.
Sometimes the fact that I’m a woman isn’t the most important thing about me. But sometimes, it is.
This is not an intelligent, cogent argument; it is a desperate cry from a woman for the repeal of the 19th Amendment. It doesn't matter how corrupt, weak, or incompetent Hillary is, Laura June is voting for her because she is a woman. Men need not apply.


  1. Why we should never have let women vote.

  2. If a man were to say that he would vote for a man because he was a man it would be sexist.

  3. Good point about how this person is indeed Sexist of the Day. Today that is. Of course, not long ago, Surber won the award for saying women should not be drafted into the military (provided a draft is ever instituted again) even though "women have the same rights as men, and that rights bring responsibilities, and that many women are more able physically than some men to serve in the military." Surber to women: "Back to the kitchen."

    1. Women have the same rights as men. Women are not the same as men. If they were the same as men, they would be called men.

  4. Apparent;y this woman shares Hillary's values of lying, cheating, harassing and defaming other women, excusing her husband's marital infidelities, money grubbing, failing her official responsibilities as Secretary of State, and the list goes on. And it's just for the sake of symbolism to make Hillary the first of her gender to be president, a job for which she is wholly unqualified by temperament and skill. Where has this woman been for the last 7 and a half years while Obama has made a mess of the country? He was also elected for the sake of symbolism. Hasn't the writer learned any lesson from that? Stupid is as stupid writes.

  5. Change "woman" to "black" and you have the Obama voting bloc.

  6. This country is amazing resilient - it has survived civil war, economic depression, and Murphy Brown.

    Whether it can survive millions of people like Laura June, with her sheep-like bleating First! Woman! President!, is another matter.

  7. Murphy Brown was (both) sort of a cultural result and precursor of female-firstism.