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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rubio: No, we don't need another federal crime

Sometimes the Washington press corps amazes me.

Roll Call demands that presidential candidates take a position on making prostitution a federal crime.

Marco Rubio told them to get bent.

From Roll Call:
A presidential candidate has finally answered a question about Nevada’s brothel business that Heard on the Hill first asked in August 2015.
Speaking before an event in Elko, Sen. Marco Rubio. R-Fla., told reporters that he would not make prostitution a federal crime. The practice is legal in much of rural Nevada, where brothels continue to operate in the open.
“I wish Nevada would make it illegal. But that’s their decision to make. I don’t agree with it,” the Florida Republican said, according to CBS Las Vegas and other outlets in attendance.
Rubio, though, does not want to add it to the list of federal offenses.
“I think you can be against something and still say, ‘but I don’t want the federal government involved in federalizing something,'” Rubio said.
Tell you what, when the federal government fixes the VA, stops turning rivers toxic orange, prosecutes IRS officials for political harassment, protects our borders, and indicts Hillary Clinton then maybe, we can talk about

Nyah. Crime is a local issue. Get bent, feds. Get bent, Roll Call. And stay bent.


  1. Re: Roll Call - Ditto for MSNBC and Morning Joe which is fawning over Trump like there is no tomorrow.

  2. The Mann Act has been on the books for a century, I believe. There should be provisions in the federal penal code to contain human trafficking and sex tourism, but that's it.

    One of the people I correspond with in fora like these is a prosecutor in Virginia is dumbfounded by the severity of penalties in the federal penal code for crimes that are similar to those in state codes but treated quite a bit more leniently. The federal penal code needs to be scarified, it's penalties re-calibrated, and its ambo reduced to things like drug trafficking, bank fraud, smuggling, racketeering, and espionage.

    1. There isn't any graft in repairing the federal penal code, so, of course, Congress does nothing.

  3. Federal statutes plus misuse of Section 1 of the 14th Amendment have done a lot to undermine state sovereignty, despite the 10th A in the Bill of Rights. Mischief will be done when mischief is made possible by Federal courts that resent rather than respect the Constitution. If criminal activity crosses the international borders of the country, it's a Federal issue. If it crosses the borders between the states, let the states deal with it and cooperate to work it out. If they have a difference of opinion and can't work it out, tough --- the United States was created as a federation, not a monolith.

  4. Remember that "Three Felonies A Day" book? We have more than enough federal crimes.