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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

O'Reilly-Megyn feud has CNN laughing

It is rather amusing.

This Is CNN:
Donald Trump's fight with Fox News has exposed another personal feud -- the one between Fox stars Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly.
The animosity between O'Reilly and Kelly is an open secret in the halls of Fox. People there disagree about its origins, but they agree the two prime time hosts are highly competitive with one another.
"He's never had a serious challenger like her before," said one high-ranking source at Fox.
The channel's ratings and brand haven't suffered as a result. But the tension between the two stars is a source of intrigue and sometimes a cause of headaches for Fox News chief Roger Ailes. Both hosts' contracts will come up for renewal next year.
The strained relationship was most recently visible on the air when O'Reilly interviewed Trump on Wednesday night. Trump had publicly pledged to skip Fox's GOP debate the next day -- a protest, he said, of Kelly's unfairness and Fox's defense of her. O'Reilly, who has been friends with Trump for decades, pleaded with him to reconsider.
Brian Stelter, CNN's media critic, wrote it and surely, that has to endear him to his colleagues.

And it got better:
Kelly's own show started 45 minutes later. She didn't say a word about it. But inside Fox, others were buzzing. Ailes was not happy. One Kelly supporter went so far as to call it a "betrayal."
Outside Fox, the snub was widely noticed. O'Reilly "let all the attacks stand," MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said the next morning.
Scarborough's co-host Mika Brzezinski added: "O'Reilly should have said 'Excuse me? Excuse me? You're talking about her intellect? She's a lawyer. She's done this. She's done that. She's a mother of three. You do not, you do not undermine the credibility and the intellect of my colleague.' Where was that, Bill? Hello?"
On the other hand, he was trying to get Trump to join the debate.

Once upon a time, I liked Fox News and defended it, but I gave up caring. Too many egos, not enough objectivity. Michelle Malkin is correct. The network is all-in for open borders. If I had to root for someone in this feud, it would be Bret Baier, who caries on Brit Hume's tradition of being fair, balanced, and unafraid.

But TV tip: Watch O'Reilly tonight. No way he lets this slide.

Or maybe he does. Maybe he does.


  1. I too like Bret Baier. A decent reporter. Did you watch his series on America's cities in crisis?

  2. As I wrote on this blog a few days ago, Megyn Kelly appears to be a very ambitious woman who's looking to advance her career in a very big way. That ambition is almost as expansive as Trump's, which probably explains the clash of egos between them. Trump can spot someone with Big Plans in a New York minute. But now you tell us her contract is coming up for renewal next year, I'm betting she has O'Reilly's salary in her sights. The 2016 election coverage her ticket to a big pay day. Will Roger Ailes give her the same contract as O'Reilly? That's an interesting question. Will she argue equal pay for equal work? Hmm, could be. Will she threaten to leave if she's not offered Bill's salary? Going over to network TV is a jump too far, but would CNN be delighted to add her to their programming lineup, if only to tweak the audience leader FOX? Things are going to get interesting.

  3. Brit Hume has become a gone-bye-bye resource at Fox News. He's no longer neutral, fair or balanced. He's got his nose so far up Kelly, it's ridiculous.

    And you can see this by the fact that Kelly has Hume on virtually every night while O'Reilly has Hume on virtually never despite having Hume on a lot before Kelly came along.

    No body tell Hume's wife, ok?

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  5. ". . . Megyn Kelly appears to be a very ambitious woman who's looking to advance her career in a very big way. That ambition is almost as expansive as Trump's, . . . ." [Iapetus @ 2:05]

    I think we have a winner here. Kelly lost me with her gotcha questioning of Trump at the first Republican debate. Especially when she defended it as good journalism (it's not journalism at all). Up to that point I respected her as a valid, conservative-leaning journalist and paid heed to what she had to say. Her gotcha attack revealed the she's just another journalist climbing the media ladder and that now I needed to pay just as much attention to HOW she says what she says as I do to the content (also stopped watching O'Reilly just a bit earlier than that).

    Also have to comment on her recent makeover. I don't think she's done herself any journalistic favors with that either. Her eye-makeup has gotten much heavier than before and IMO recalls an overly enthusiastic teenager.

    Also disappointed in Fox News in general as it reveals itself to be evolving more and more to the mainstream--Brett Baier, the exception so far.

    1. Yep. Before Trump, her hair was feminine. After Trump, her hair is butch and greased.

      I too was repulsed by her behavior in the 1st Repub debate. I would caution that all the questions and who would ask them were worked out with much advance planning by the entire team that questioned Trump that night. So that Wallace dude deserves some of the criticism.

      I will also add a note that we should be watching Andrea Tantaros. She has positioned herself as the next Fox Pitbull and is clearly ready to push Megyn Kelly under the bus if Kelly jumps from Fox. And Tantaros has about as much ethical content as Kelly.

      Fox sux.

  6. I guess the leftie's won't have much longer to kick around Fox News.

  7. O'Reilly and Kelly aren't supposed to be fair / balanced - they are commentators not the news! I see them as nothing more than an op-ed writer for any newspaper just not as good as a former one from WV.

  8. T says:


    You are correct, it is NOT journalism and they are not journalists; O'Reilly has said exactly that many times. That is, however, the defense Megan Kelly, herself, raised to justify her gotcha attacks on Trump.