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Friday, February 19, 2016

Jeb's campaign enters hospice

Byron York of the Washington Examiner is one of the few talking heads on TV who regularly gets out of Washington and talks to actual voters to find out what they are thinking. He has been a valuable resource this election.

But his dispatch this morning from Columbia, South Carolina, was beautifully framed:
In South Carolina, Bush family, friends gather as end nears.
Jeb Bush's brother, the former president, his sister-in-law, the former first lady, his mother, his sister, another brother, and of course his wife and children have come to South Carolina, where George W. Bush's political fortunes were made, in hopes of vaulting Jeb back into the Republican presidential race. But with poll after poll showing Bush hovering around 10 percent — fighting with John Kasich for fourth place — that looks less and less likely every hour.
The funeral arrangements are being made even as we speak. Where will Jeb officially pull the plug? Which TV show will get the exclusive post-campaign interview? Who will get his delegates?

But we shall see.


  1. Will ego keep him in until after the March primaries. I hope he gets few votes in SC and drops out. I like him, but he is not a man for these times. We want a kick butt and take names person and IMO that is not Trump since the follow up won't be there.

  2. Will ego keep him in until after the March primaries. I hope he gets few votes in SC and drops out. I like him, but he is not a man for these times. We want a kick butt and take names person and IMO that is not Trump since the follow up won't be there.

  3. My read is that Trump will follow up because his ego will not accept the disdain he would receive for failing.And I think he would think it was great fun to keep poking those hypocrites in Congress.

  4. Once his financial support dissipated, Jeb! saw the writing on the wall. - Elric

  5. Letting go when a loved one is about to pass is awfully hard to do. Hillary's campaign is suffering the devastating after effects of two concussion hits from Bernie Sanders. If he delivers another serious hit in either NV or SC, it'll send her campaign to the political ICU. It's time for her to give some thought to what she'll write for her campaign's obituary.

    1. "...and I was prepared to take the helm of the greatest nation on earth when sexist Republicans sent an unseen foe against me - Bernie Sanders. The deep-cover mole masquerading as a quirky independent-socialist tricked enough voters to drive confusion into an orderly transition from the transformative Obama administration into my capable hands. Using unheard of tactics of gross personal insinuation about my handling of classified information from the State Department, and finances through my family's global charity...

      -Mikey NTH

  6. I can live with any of the contenders except Jeb and The Donald. The Donald because I believe he is a snake oil salesman, and Jeb because we don't need a dynasty.

  7. Compassionate conservatism almost killed us last time. At least we're smart enough not to get bitten a third time.

  8. Jeb I am sure is hoping for a brokered convention where he knows they will hand him the nomination.

  9. Not only Jeb but Carson and Kasich should roll up the prayer rug and go home. It would/will be interesting to see where all the supporters and delegates will migrate to. I think that the numbers would put Trump behind Cruz and Rubio.

  10. This is an e-mail I sent to my brother. I took some time, but no matter that I decided you need to be inflicted with it.

    - Mikey NTH


    On Trump: I have given you my thoughts. Here is another that I had in passing. I have mentioned that his immigration stance could be appealing to low skilled blue and pink collar workers; and that lower white collar and skilled blue collar workers - who are also starting to feel the pinch from immigration - could be attracted to him.

    The Democrats' coalition is composed of identity blocks consisting of race, ethnicity, sex, education, and so forth such as blacks, Hispanics, women, gays (and all the rest), college liberal arts, and so on. Other than upper middle class college educated white folks the Democrats have conceded the economic divisions ground.*

    Trump could be bringing back together the old workers' coalition that FDR has assembled, one that cuts across the Democrats' coalition, damaging it along the one fault line that no one but one other person is addressing.** These various workers have more in common with each other due to their economic situation than they have to anything else. A black mechanic lives the same as a white mechanic; a white female clerk lives the same as an Hispanic male clerk. They have the same economics, the same areas to live in, the same rounds, the same concerns. The Hispanic female clerk does not have the same concerns as the white female lawyer no matter the "lady parts".

    The Democrats abandoned all of those people years ago (except for unions, and ask the industrial unions how they fared - they'll say the love went to governmental unions). That entire coalition concept is sitting on the ground just waiting to be scooped up by the enterprising lady or gent willing to be seen picking up loose change. The Democrats went with the cultural Marxists who were working the whole "colonialism - imperialism - war of national liberation" line and made a new coalition formed along those lines and formed it out of tribes one would be in forever*** such as sex, race, ethnicity, etc. A visceral type of coalition, but one that is self limiting.

    Anyway - I was just thinking: wouldn't that be a riot if billionaire Donald Trump recreated the FDR coalition of skilled/semi-skilled blue collar workers, pink collar workers, lower white collar workers - of all races, ethnicities, sexes, ages, and education levels - and gave that to the Republican Party?****

    *A black lawyer has more in common with a white lawyer than he has with a black store clerk - and thank you civil rights movement for that.

    **Bernie Sanders is addressing it, but he is only doing so on the old "add a program to the problem" side and not asking "why is this here at all, what brought this about?" which is the better route to start on.

    ***It seems one can cease being a male Olympic athlete and become a female Olympic athlete; the DDR should see into some of those allegations. Oh, wait....

    ****The GOP can still screw up this potential gift if they try hard enough and I know they can.

    - Mikey NTH

  11. That was a lot longer than I expected.

    Mr. Surber: Feel free to delete it if you want or you can use it in whole or part as you want. I just didn't think it was going to be that big!

    BTW - if I recall correctly FDR was called a "traitor to his class" by some people when he put his coalition together.

    Just a passing thought.

    - Mikey NTH